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MICH2000,2001 Base Pack
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Feb 2, 2021 @ 10:24am
Sep 16, 2021 @ 6:58pm
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MICH2000,2001 Base Pack

I would like to present my first major addon, which adds to the game of the helmet MICH 2000 and MICH 2001 in several variations.
From the beginning, this mod was planned as a modification aimed at adding helmets for the 75th Ranger Regiment,but later it was decided to increase the scale of this addon,so that everyone can find their own use for this addon.
I want to immediately answer a few questions about night vision devices, They will be added as additions to this addon, it will include at least 2 night vision devices (ANVIS AN/AVS-9 and PVS15), it is also possible to add (PVS14).Work on the creation of a night vision device is already underway.
It is also planned to create separate additions to this addon aimed at specific special forces.
Such as 75th ranger,Delta Force,Green Berets and more.

Хочу представить мой первый крупный аддон,который добавляет в игру шлема Мич 2000 и Мич 2001 в нескольких вариациях и камуфляжах.
С начала этот мод планировался как модификация нацеленная на добавления шлемов для 75 полка рейнджров,в котором были бы только шлема мич для специалистов,но в дальнейшем я решил увеличить масштабы моего аддона,для того что бы каждый мог найти своё применения для данного аддона.
Хочу сразу ответить на несколько вопросов на счёт Приборов ночного видения,Они будут добавлены как дополнения к этому аддону,в него будут входить минимум 2 Прибора ночного видения(ANVIS AN/AVS-9 И PVS15),так же возможно добавления(PVS14).
Работа над созданиям Приборов ночного видения уже ведутся.
Также планируется создание отдельных дополнений к этому аддону, ориентированных на конкретные спецподразделения.
Такие как 75-й полк рейнджеров, Delta Force, Green Berets и другие.

This addon includes
Helmet MICH2000 in 15 variants and 40+ snake camo
Helmet MICH2001 in 15 variants and 30+ snake camo
Norotos Rhino Mount for MICH2000
Norotos Rhino Mount for MICH2001
Norotos Rhino Mount TATM for MICH2000
Norotos Rhino Mount TATM for MICH2001
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Blake Aug 8 @ 4:59pm 
why does the mod keep getting removed? the mod was USMC, SAS, CTSFO british police, 75 Ranger Regiment?
Shenn Jun 27 @ 2:38pm 
@LeoVetta USP?, The undersige production guys?
if you know what happened mind explaining it, i know the creator of this mod has issues with the workshop but i never knew why
LeoVetta May 27 @ 8:14am 
they removed SAS Modern Warfare and CTSFO mod too.. i bet was USP again
zSrTeus Apr 9 @ 12:43pm 
The mod we need to download to work with this is: @PowerRangers
Verllero Mar 16 @ 10:09pm 
Can you please add this tacticals gloves into the uniforms?:

ᗷᑌᒪᗩᗰᗩTᗩRI Mar 16 @ 7:45pm 
For those who don't know, what MICH means: Modula Integrated Communications Helmet .

Which leads to the inevitable question: Do these Mod helmets actually do anything, like protecting the ears and above all the soldiers' heads against bullet impacts, or are they just beautifully looking cosmetics?

Do they have physics or...? Considering the size of the mod I would like to think that there's a lots more meat on it (in it?), than just objects with high-res textures. But the modder hasn't answered these already asked questions yet, so....

But hope dies last. Until then, I will not download it. But it goes in one of my collections, sittin' there waitin' to get the green light.
FrostByte Mar 11 @ 10:20am 
Is it possible to add the duct tape, nvg battery & cables to the "Norotos Gear" helmet like the standard "MICH Gear" has? Also, would you be able to add a Norotos variant with the ARC rails like the RHS helmets have?
TSW555 Feb 20 @ 1:27am Hey everyone this a Ace Extended Arsenal compat I made for this great mod! Hope you find it useful
Drebin 692 Feb 16 @ 5:42pm 
I have no idea if you are monitoring these comments, but can you please fix the american flags on the helmets. the US flag should always be attacking forward, so the stars should be towards the front of the helmet. Very minor request but would be much appreciated if fixed
Bucksbalsakkie Jan 27 @ 2:06am 
How do I add ballistic protection to this? It is hands down the nicest looking Mod for helmets ever in any game but I need to add ballistic protection