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Better Unit Cards for Kislev Reborn
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Jan 21 @ 3:16pm
Feb 21 @ 11:13am
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Better Unit Cards for Kislev Reborn

Short Description
We think, that Kislev Reborn is one of the best faction mods and we hope, Better Unit Cards for Kislev Reborn will make your experience with it even better.

- Why can't I see the new unit cards?
This mod should be above the Kislev Reborn mod in the TWW2 mod manager (see screenshot).

Version history
- Current version (30.01.2021): final release with cards for full unit roster, including LL & other Lords/Heroes
- Previous version (22.01.2021): pre-release with cards for full unit roster & LL

Modding Team
ss7877: inspirer & mod creator
r1kko : 2d artist & author of Better Unit Cards for Twisted&Twilight, Warden&Paunch DLC

Support Modding Team
If you like our work, consider a small donation to support future projects of our team.

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r1kko  [author] Feb 27 @ 2:06pm 
ThePureNewb probably, but there is no submod with stats rebalance for radious anyway
ThePureNewb Feb 27 @ 1:49pm 
does this work with the radious mods??
Lord Reaver Feb 24 @ 11:07pm 
Ahh alright no prob ;))
ss7877  [author] Feb 24 @ 10:43pm 
@Lord Reaver
Hi. I'm only considering factions for a vanilla TWW2.
Lord Reaver Feb 24 @ 4:27am 
@ss7877 Hellooo great icons soo much better than base mod icons!
Is there a chance you can make better icons for The End Times Overhaul? :))
ss7877  [author] Feb 21 @ 11:06am 
Thank you for the signal about using the copyrighted image, Máni.
This unintentional error has already been fixed.
Máni Feb 21 @ 4:24am 
I am not talking about either. I am talking about the bear card that is just an edited and mirrored image from the gwent card game. So technically not asking for permission by taking an image from another game, a game by CDPR that hadn't done anything warhammer related and not even giving proper credit is copyright infringement since Sega owns everything in the steam workshop and you take the image and bringing it in the fold from gwent.
r1kko  [author] Feb 20 @ 10:28pm 
Maybe u are talking about total war warhammer 2? Ye im so sorry for not giving link to CA
Or maybe u are talking about Radious mod cards, they look very similar with these?.. Ye im so sorry not giving link to their arstit... cause that artist is me
r1kko  [author] Feb 20 @ 10:13pm 
Máni and what game u are talking about?
Máni Feb 20 @ 8:51pm 
If you're going to take images from another game, edit and mirror it might as well credit the other game's illustrator.