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Hazard Course
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Dec 21, 2020 @ 7:12pm
Dec 29, 2020 @ 12:12pm
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Hazard Course

Hazard Course
Hazard Course features a complete re-creation of Half-Life's training level, including new dialogue and voice acting, HD models, textures, and detailed environments.

Developed by PSR Digital, Hazard Course is an add-on for Black Mesa centered around a completely new take on Half-Life's training level, "Hazard Course", featuring 6 maps, a wealth of new models and textures, an expanded introduction and outro sequence (based on the sequence exclusive to the PS2 version of Half-Life), and tons of new dialogue from the entire Black Mesa voice cast.

This workshop item also includes the Five Nights at the Hazard Course bonus add-on. Originally built for our 2015 April Fools' joke, Five Nights at the Hazard Course is an unofficial minigame set in the Black Mesa Hazard Course, based on the horror game series by Scott Cawthon.

To install this add-on, click the "Subscribe" button above. Steam will automatically download and install the content. You do not need to extract any files or launch any batch scripts.

Note: This map pack currently does not work correctly using the old game UI. If you are using the old game UI, please switch to the new game UI before running the map pack for the optimal experience.

To play this map pack from the beginning, press the "Steam Workshop" button in the main menu, select "Hazard Course", and start Chapter 1.

If you would like to skip the introductory scene, press the "Steam Workshop" button in the main menu, select "Hazard Course", and start Chapter 2.

To play the Five Nights at the Hazard Course bonus minigame, press the "Steam Workshop" button in the main menu, select "Hazard Course", and start Chapter 3.

For more information about Five Nights at the Hazard Course, including how to play and what the controls are, see this FAQ thread.


Core Developers
  • Chris Bryant -- 2D Art, 3D Art, Animation, Choreography, Level Design
  • Ryan "dky.tehkingd.u" Lam -- Level Design, Programming
  • Notewell Lyons -- 2D Art, 3D Art, Choreography, Level Design, Writing
  • Lars Runo -- 2D Art, 3D Art
  • Michael Tannock -- 2D Art, 3D Art, Animation

Voice Cast
  • Lurana Hillard -- Observer, Scientist
  • Michael "CornetTheory" Hillard -- Dr. Simowitz, Dr. Kleiner, Scientists
  • Josh "Colorfinger" Jones -- Dr. Bickford
  • Andy "Urby" Morris -- Firing Range Security Guard, Observing Scientist
  • Kevin "debeerguy007" Sisk -- Security Guards, Tom, Observer
  • Victoria "CatzEyes93" Teunissen -- Dr. Gina Cross, Tram Announcer, VOX System
  • Michael "Mikee" Tsarouhas -- Firearms Instructor, Bill, Emergency Response Team
  • Stephen Wimmer -- Dr. Wimmer

Other Contributors
  • Aarón "Juwupiter" F. Bianchi -- Music
  • Phillip "Mr. GameCrazy" Frasquieri -- English Closed Captions
  • João "6DUST" Maia -- Music

Past Contributors
  • Craig Spivack -- Writing

Testing Team
  • Phillip "Mr. GameCrazy" Frasquieri
  • Erik ".RK" Loyd
  • Davy "Dragunov2" Maekelberg
  • Shawn "Deathmonkey7" Morris AKA King of the Universe
  • Max "SprocketRocket" Smidowicz
  • Stephen Wimmer

Known Bugs
  • When running in the old game UI, custom localized text strings are not displayed properly due to the way the engine mounts content.
  • Sounds in the Fire Room (including explosion sounds and some voice lines) sometimes don't play.
  • Observer scientist PA voice lines can be unexpectedly loud when speaking responses to player actions.
  • In the transition room directly after the suit silo, there's a slightly misaligned red pipe model on the ceiling.
  • The player can get stuck in the second and third red valve wheels in the Fire Room if they are standing too close to them when they are reattached.
  • There is a possibility that the in-game speedrun timer may severely under-count your actual run time. If you are a speedrunner, we recommend that you use your own timer rather than the in-game timer until this is addressed. (Note that the in-game run timer starts counting when the elevator door opens at the beginning of hc_t0a1.)
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Liebertine 13 hours ago 
Found a bug, the lighting doesn't work *at all*. Flashlight never worked in it.
medion_no Sep 26 @ 1:34pm 
This is really great, A cool recreation of the original hazard course tutorial level with some new (and funny) voicelines. Thanks for all the hard work, waiting for your Decay rendition.
A MEME WITH NO NAME V2 Sep 24 @ 6:49pm 
A SKULL BURNED ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phobos Sep 21 @ 9:19am 
I somehow fixed the whole "not working thing" by messing around in my settings.. so yeah it works
Phobos Sep 21 @ 9:15am 
Yeah this just doesn't work for me whatsoever, it just wont load anymore. Did a few months ago but now it just doesn't do anything when I attempt to start it.
Simon Sep 16 @ 4:10pm 
How can I play this if my new interface is terribly buggy and laggy?
mR_kAt Sep 1 @ 9:51pm 
Maybe tacos too... The Hazard's course equivalent of BM's Pizza. Caffeine too, the wonder drug.
mR_kAt Sep 1 @ 9:49pm 

I'd assume tons of code and a lot of talent.

There is very much a crossover "feel" from Black Mesa's team even down to some of the voice acting.

But yes, code... lots of code.
A MEME WITH NO NAME V2 Sep 1 @ 3:29pm 
how did you make this
mr.henry Aug 24 @ 11:39am 
Nice work. Very atmosphere maps.