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[ArcCW] Halo CE+ MCC Skins
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Dec 2, 2020 @ 11:41am
Feb 14, 2021 @ 12:51pm
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[ArcCW] Halo CE+ MCC Skins

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What happened to the skins? For short, they are now their own addon. Why? The addon became too big to fully feature them.
The skins alone took over HALF of the addons filesize, which discourages servers and users from using the addon. If you really want the skins, You arrived at this addon, so you can subscribe to this and use them.
Servers without this addon wont let you use them. Apologies, but its the most efficient way to do this.
Otherwise, you can use the OG textures, or MCC's upscaled textures.

These are the skins for the addon: Halo CE+ Weaponry.
This addon has 99% of the skins available or will be available in MCC. This is an optional addon, meaning you do not need it, however the weapons others hold will be missing textured.

  • Snowy Snowtime -- All of the skins available in the addon.

This addon is in a work-in-progress state. Updates will happen inconsistently, but frequently, and some things may be inconsistent. Current Release is not the final product.
Draconic Base is required for some material proxies to function, since I am using material proxies from that addon.

  • Legal Disclaimer
Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo: The Master Chief Collection © Microsoft Corporation. Halo CE+ Project was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules"[] using assets from Halo: Combat Evolved, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.
Reshirom200 Jan 6 @ 3:51am 
How did you rip these? Are they stored somewhere in the mcc gamedir?
Tracker the avali Jun 14, 2023 @ 4:47pm 
I just want a golden HALO:CE P I S T O L.
GENTLE MANNE of LEISURE Aug 6, 2022 @ 8:31am 
why are there no anniversary skins for covenant weapons
Greatgrungus Jun 19, 2022 @ 5:58am 
i think we can all agree that halo 5 is the best game of all time
Catherine May 19, 2022 @ 8:37pm 
even then idk why they wouldn't want the doom weapons ported, it would be fun to use them.
r4v Dec 20, 2021 @ 10:12pm 
@SpartanWar118 Just because they dont like Doom, does not mean that he doesnt like having Fun, Tbh Doom aint even that fun. I prefer story games
The Sep 6, 2021 @ 7:56am 
op halo guns
SpartanWar118 Apr 26, 2021 @ 6:28am 
Imagine not liking Doom Eternal lmao
It's like not liking fun, but what ever
Snowy Snowtime  [author] Dec 27, 2020 @ 7:28pm 
No. if you wish to use the skins, i suggest using either the props available in the addon, or use a new addon for it.
Lowrain Dec 27, 2020 @ 6:23pm 
Do you have any plans to make standalone props for these?