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LotR: Realms in Exile

Return of the Crusader King
Hello and welcome to the Realms in Exile mod for Crusader Kings III. I am part of an incredible team that has heeded the call for adventure into Middle-earth! Together we are bringing the immersive world of Middle-earth to CK3, full of the diverse characters in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.
- Jamie-san

Realms v4.0 is our most recent major release, expanding North West into Eriador and the great mountain ranges of Middle-earth, introducing the Dwarves and Hobbits as playable races, as well as introducing brand new crafting and mining mechanics and much more!

The current version is fully compatible with Legends of the Dead and v1.12.X of CK3.

With v4 behind us, we'll be expanding our mapping efforts to a new non-canon region: Thani-Hazad, on the great South Western peninsula of our map. Join our Discord to hear more!

“I wisely started with a map, and made the story fit
(generally with meticulous care for distances).”
– J.R.R. Tolkien.

Realms in Exile refers to the kingdoms that formed after the destruction of the isle of Númenor. These are Arnor, Gondor, Umbar, Bellakar and Thôn an-Khârlôkh. Gondor features in the third book of The Lord of the Rings. It is ruled by the stewards of Minas Tirith, as their king was lost in a duel with the Witch King of Minas Morgul. Arnor is the lost realm of the north, Aragorn is chieftain of its few survivors. Umbar was once a city of the Númenóreans at the height of their power in Middle-earth, now it is a mighty haven of corsairs. Bellakar and Thôn an-Khârlôkh are former colonies, far to the south, and the books do not mention their names.

Recommended Starts in v4.0
While there are many great starts that you're likely already familiar with added in previous versions (Denethor, Sauron, the Tedjin, and Saruman just to name a few!), we thought we'd highlight just a few of the many interesting options to explore as you venture into the latest version.
Play as Balin, head of Balin's Expedition in Moria
  • Fight off the goblins of Moria and colonise to reclaim your lost lands.
  • Engage with our unique Durin's Bane struggle, balancing your ambitions against the risk of angering the Balrog that lurks in the depths.
  • Restore the greatest dwarven kingdom to its former glory, reforming the great Khazad-dûm!

Play as Aragorn, Heir of Isildur
  • Finally take control of Aragorn from game start in the wilds of Eriador.
  • Shepherd the disparate rangers of the north, vigilant guardians of the simple folk.
  • Will you claim the throne of Gondor, or focus on the north and the fallen realm of Arnor?
  • Make of two kingdoms one, and proclaim the Reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor - perhaps even reuniting the Dunedain into one culture.

Play as Gorgol, Warchief of Gundabad
  • As the heir of Azog the Defiler, defeat your siblings and unify the squabbling remnants of Azog's once great empire.
  • Reignite the long cold forges of Mount Gundabad, raising an orc warhost such as had not been seen in decades.
  • Set the north in chains once more, taking the war to Elves, Men, and Dwarves.
  • Avenge the Battle of the Five Armies, and permanently ensure that the dreams of Dwarven reclamation of Moria remain just that.

Current Team Members
Lead Development Team
  • Brice Underhill
  • Jaco_Daan
  • Jaime-san
  • Juke
  • Owlcoholic
  • VectorMaximus
  • Vierwood
  • Arkia
  • Bouen Marsh
  • Cairo
  • Chief
  • Dss1
  • Esthiel
  • Jauffre
  • Juan Martinez
  • loon99
  • NemCraft
  • RedArkady
  • TheDarkestLight
  • Vandrad
Alpha Testing Team
  • Commander Sol
  • Er-Mûrazôr
  • HawkC120
  • Lewa263
  • Lonewolf
  • Pickrone
  • Rémerod
  • The Popsicle Child
  • VakuAnkka
  • 8118
  • Azagal
  • Chris1993
  • Dan
  • Diamond63
  • didnotexpectthat
  • Elessar Telcontar
  • ercarp
  • FillivsTerrae
  • gdawgatl
  • Gom Uruk-Thai
  • icytheveganbtw
  • Illion Aelerion
  • John Henry Eden
  • malderyn
  • Pepper
  • PlumpPhoenix
  • Ralphdamiani[]
  • Roughly the size of a MO-ROOON
  • Sakkar
  • Shammien
  • Stúrrið
  • Txulki
  • Valaddar
  • Voskey
  • zeid
  • Shulky
  • Stúrrið of Many Colors
  • Terrapass

Join the team!
The Realms in Exile team is scouting for modders, artists and writers. If you are enthusiastic about LotR and Paradox Interactive's Crusader Kings III, then we would love for you to join our team. Your contribution may be large or small, every single character decision or sprawling event tree will help to fill in the spaces between the words.

If you are interested then we have a role for you. You can contribute by showcasing your works on our Realms in Exile Discord[] community.

Our Discord[] is the place to be, you'll be able to join the developers of Realms and receive our latest news.

If you're interested in CK3 modding be sure to check out the CK3 Modding Coop[].

Thank you for subscribing to Realms in Exile.
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god this is amazing. please never let this die
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Though I am running into some trouble, I'm trying to play as Lothlorian, and it keeps crashing on me. It load in, I can start the game, and it runs for a bit, but it eventually crashes,

So far, it's only happening with Lothlorian, but I haven't tried to many others, any suggestions?
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20 years with bad administration or something give you -1 contol a month in province. Effectively killed all province economic. And all gnoms with it. It`s bulshit. I hate when something like thise appearse in game. I`m out.