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[MP] Ragdoll Physics Plus+
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Nov 17, 2020 @ 11:50pm
Jul 11, 2022 @ 10:41pm
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[MP] Ragdoll Physics Plus+


Multiplayer version. PhysX collisions are disabled, extended ragdoll simulation time is disabled. Can be used for LAN/Singleplayer games.

SP Branch:


-Completely overhauled ragdoll PhysX simulation, including major changes and improvements to joint movement, range of motion and articulation.
-Increased overall friction multiplier, units will now roll and tumble down steep surfaces, instead of just sliding around like they're on ice.
-No more bendy knees
-No more ugly hit reactions


-Ragdolls are still somewhat prone to getting ARMA'd. Happens rarely with the newest update, but it still happens.
-Units may fly a bit too high into the sky when killed by 30mm autocannon.
-A few unfixable issues with ragdoll hitboxes, see the changelog for more information.


This mod should work fine with most other mods, as long as those mods don't edit PhysXParams. There are a few popular mods that are incompatible, however.

-Veteran mod (delete vtn_core_ragdoll.pbo to grant compatibility)
-IFA (delete ragdoll_overhaul.pbo to grant compatibility)
-Project Injury Reaction. PIR also includes their own PhysX tweaks, however those tweaks are isolated to their own pbo. The mod author has informed me that you can safely delete PiR_rd.pbo, which will grant compatibility with my mod. Big thanks to the PiR guys for reaching out and letting me know!
-Real Hero's Ragdoll mod. Alters the same settings as my mod. Try out both and see which one you like better.
-Ragdoll Effects Overhaul. REO is the first iteration of my ragdoll physics mods and is mega deperacated, I'm not sure if anyone even uses it anymore.
-Haleks' Impact doesn't seem to play very nicely with this mod. I recommend not using them together.

Compatible with mods like CUP, ACE, 3CB and RHS, to name a few.

SPECIAL THANKS to Mickeyworld and Gunter Severloh for testing and support, and Chinny for helping me fix some server-related issues. Also thank you to gronk the meth wizard for feedback and testing.

Want to create your own ragdoll mod? Check out the github for all the source files and documentation!
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Jan 15 @ 12:08pm
Dedicated Server Issues
VaeVictrix Apr 11 @ 10:00am 
Ugh, imagine making a decent mod only to ruin its showcase with this vomit inducing "song"... Also, half of those are still bendy knees. I suppose that part is hard to get rid of, which is fair. Nice job, definitely giving this one a try.
🚼Cocksure Dickthief🚼 Oct 14, 2023 @ 11:13pm 
Does the music come with the mod?? (Asking for a friend)
Prince Lynn Aug 23, 2023 @ 8:55am 
Should PiR_ rd. pbo. 0-0. bisign also be deleted? Just like PiR_ Like rd.pbo.
venomDeejays  [author] Jun 26, 2023 @ 5:46pm 
@Gamerhell thanks for the report, I'm not too active in A3 these days but there's a chance I'll make a WebKnight friendly version of this mod in the future, his new death animation mod is something I've been wanting in the game for awhile so I'll probably come back at some point.
Gamerhell Jun 24, 2023 @ 10:22pm 
This mod seems to have issues with Webknights Zombies and Creatures. When the zombies bit people their hit-boxes collide with each other and get Arma'd. I don't think there is anything that can be done about this due to the nature of the mod's script and this mod's physics, but if you can think of any creative solution for mod compatibility than that would help. If not, it's still no big deal.
venomDeejays  [author] May 28, 2023 @ 11:41am 
@Keefebon oh that's what you mean by sinking, on that note yes I have seen bodies get stuck/disappear into the world before, it is a very uncommon bug that just happens sometimes, like I've never even tried to fix it due to how rare it is.

Sounds like this bug is not rare in your game, maybe try running a mission with only my mod enabled and see if the issue persists? I typically only run the game with about 20-40 mods on at once and I rarely encounter this bug, I'm talking 2-3 times in the past six months, both in online and singleplayer games.
Keefebon May 26, 2023 @ 6:55pm 
@venomDeejays So, for most of the missions, I am not running this on a dedicated server. I run this personally off my machine.

I also end a lot of my time in the editor both for training and also curating some Zeus led missions with my guys.

I haven't tried other scenarios as I didn't think about that as an option; further point I'm running close to 100+ mods, so understandably, there's going to be something that will cause a hiccup, but none to my knowledge that I think would affect the physics as badly as, 80 percent of the time, bodies would instantly fall into the world.

Some bodies that stay sink partially, meaning only they're heads or up to their chests remain above ground.

Most times, they disappear completely, leaving whatever firearm that they had.

I don't know if any of that helps... I do apologise for the inconvenience but it's been months and I've had enough of losing bodies.
venomDeejays  [author] May 26, 2023 @ 5:31pm 
@Keefebon sounds like there's some kind of garbage collection script running in your game, does this happen anywhere in the game or only on certain missions?
Keefebon May 26, 2023 @ 1:03pm 
@venomDeejays I've done as you said, removed all the mods and the physics worked as normal again.

I haven't used your mod when I removed from the modlist, and went through the painstaking ordeal of adding all of my mods again 1 by 1 but after re-making the modlist and putting it under a different name, it's done it again. It's started to sink the bodies again, after retrying. I don't suppose you'd know what would make this happen?

This is making me think it isn't to do with your mod, but I can't imagine anything changing the physics like this.
Keefebon May 18, 2023 @ 1:15am 
@venomDeejays That's worth a try. I'm just hoping that when I turn my mods off then on again, it won't persist. I've just had a lot of body sinking issues with the mod, which annoyed me when making HVT sensitive missions.

But thank you. I will give it a try. :)