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Italy Redux
Maps (co-op): Checkpoint
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Oct 23, 2020 @ 5:18pm
Nov 28, 2020 @ 6:17am
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Italy Redux

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This is a tweak of Shinobi's port of CS Italy. Avenues of approach to checkpoints are increased as well as access to many of the balconies and higher places. The additional avenues help the bots as well so some points are not as easy. Checkpoints retain their original locations. This tweak includes fixed spawn / resupply points

**11/28/2020** Updated / improved bot nav file. Special thanks to Positive !!

Map BSP file name: ins_italy_coop.bsp

Map is currently running on my dev server: - Mike Hawks Workshop
Akaris ® Jan 27, 2021 @ 2:16pm 
Hi, I found some bugs the other day regarding the new zones of the map, one related with stairs near Echo, the other with some invisible walls on a rooftop. I'll leave the screenshots with descriptions, I hope it helps.

imgur . com/sqLKIAY
imgur . com/f4cxQE6
imgur . com/CrLkAUX
Brandon Dec 13, 2020 @ 5:25pm 
Enemy's capture point color icon should be red instead white
Burns, Lt 7 Nov 29, 2020 @ 7:25am 
Still getting some stutters. Hope you can fix it. Its a great upgrade from the original map, except for the stuttering. ;-)
Mike Hawk  [author] Nov 28, 2020 @ 6:19am 
**11/28/20** Updated to include Positive's improved bot Nav file
Positive Nov 27, 2020 @ 9:30pm 
@Mike Hawk yes, please
Mike Hawk  [author] Nov 27, 2020 @ 1:20pm 
Positive, is it ok to include this nav in a workshop update?
Positive Nov 27, 2020 @ 8:21am 
I have edited navigation meshes, fixed bad connection between navmesh areas, suicide jump spots now gone. Also I have generated navmesh for new map paths and areas where bots used to stuck. Copy bsp and txt files from workshop folder, download my nav file and place all of these in map folder. Here's link!Aqz1btCo9vWmhu8r5Plmc8L8YCXgbQ?e=8jcdnu
Mike Hawk  [author] Nov 24, 2020 @ 9:25am 
I run this on my server with as many as 15 players and never had an issue. Was the stuttering issue on windows or Linux?
1v4n94 Nov 24, 2020 @ 4:11am 
Thanks for the additional content 🙂♥️
I hope issues can be fixed and performance improves. Godspeed!
Dilbert Nov 21, 2020 @ 8:44am 
I like the original Italy and this update looks like a great improvement but this update is unplayable on my friends and my computers. there is a lot or stuttering which was not present in the original map. We are running our own server and only have four or five people playing. Is there something we can do to fix the stutter?