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theHunter: Call of the Wild™

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theHunter: Call of the Wild™ Maps
The guide roams across my favorite to my first time visits and summary of reserves and animals..

There is info here and it covers - Beginner $$$ by ducks at Layton --- Particular Zoo and species locations -- Long range shooting --
--Total Animals 4x# mods-- --Mod selecting doesn't have to cheap ---
-- Fast tracking to attaining diamonds -
Last moded 04-21
Layton Lakes -Home of the Mallard
Hi, maps and feed times will help you know where animals go and when.
I made all my ingame money at lakes mostly.. It has many water drinking spots that ull get to know r ez. Only need tent Dlc at this point.. Layton is the universal reserve and can be played exclusively to the end. Layton has potential to offer easy malard ducks that float to you instead of running opposite of you. In a single pool 18 ducks or more can amass at 300$ each roughly provides 5k and costs nothing when using .243 (free rounds) + birdshot shells for shotgun are also the cheapest ammo and add those 2 together a 18 duck round can be done, don't be discouraged if you snag 2 or 3, move on to the next decoy station. ( First DLC, DUCK N COVER )...

Hirtchfield ! - Home of the geese
Instead of the Duck n cover dlc there is geese dlc. thats a cash maker as are ducks.
The Deer are many as r rabbit holes and red foxes, Nice

silver peaks - Home of the turkey
These ground are wide open and there are not many ridges or peaks. Mostly Long,Wide,vallleys, mixed with unique worldly textures.
Cuatro Colinas
Yukon Valley (Alaska) - Home of the Harlequin ducks.
The ducks are super colorful and nice and top shelf ducks. In response to their high quality you will get less ducks overall. the ducks spawn much less often and don't try this if your hunting for $$$$. There are several unique environments in Yukon. The maps usually yield a single environment , here Yukon differs and goes unique. The Alaskan grounds feature beautiful effects that entertain more than dissapoint. Layton's frequent rain and fog are pin pricks in the butt to a hunter derailing your vision and clogging ur ears with rain drops.

If this annoys you like most say, Yukon will make you smile. Normal weather is common but diversity is part of life. The sunny day shifts slowly fading under clouds, then snow flakes appear to silently fall and soon snow covers all. It's a map needed to be explored totally to find the high snowy fields.

the Animals are thrilling. Predators like the grey wolf and grizzly are nearly frequent as the caraboo. A example here- I hunt a few tracks and find-harvest a deer. As this happens growling hits my eardrums shocking my rhythm. I look and ID 6 wolves. Prepared for this my shotgun finds my hand and pellets spray outwards from my hip. i got 6 shots off, 2 wolves lay in red snow and i find 2 bite marks on my body. Wolf attacks when handled right are unexspected bonus. $ $ $ .

Fernando's Parque - where the buffalo roam
Where the buffalo roam. A great movie few know, If you have seen FEAR N Loathing N Las Vegas, You will Love this drug filled Bill Mury playing a young Hunter in the mid 1950z.
This map is fantastic for record long kills this one i Was up in a tower with the .300 rifle, which is in the alaska DLC and is the most accurate, lethal , and gravity defying gun. Grab the greater distance mod to see animals at nearly 800 meters, this is not a cheat, distance was limited to allow cheap pcs to run the game, this mod simply lets you see whats in front of you.

If you can beat my range send me a screenshot and ill hang an award on your steam profile page, if you dont have the mod, its here

there are few places to get the right angle, I won't spoil it with my favorite.

Africa Savanna's
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Where is the Te Awaroa map?
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Super useful, thanks for all your effort!
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