ENDLESS™ Space 2

ENDLESS™ Space 2

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Functional ES2 Mod List
These mods play well together. Load them in the order listed. It's a basic set that adds a little more variety and spice to the gameplay, and tweaks the balance a bit, without making any major changes. You'll have a couple more options to fiddle with during galaxy creation as well.
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Galaxy Generation Bigger Systems
Created by fb.aazzoggerr

Works as of game version v1.3.3 (august 2018)

This mod changes galax...
Deep Space Mining Modules
Created by Timmeh
Adds mining modules for small support ships, integrated into the tech tree.

Features 6 new mining modules:

Planetary mining:
Mining Drones: Mine Strategic and Luxury resources from deposits
Harvest Drones: Gather FIDS from uncolonized p...
Terraform Away
Created by ninakoru
What does this mod? Pretty simple: Terraform your own way with great flexibility.

- Reworks & adds tons of terraformation options (click on images). There are several options to terraform for each planet, from 2 to 5 options.
- Now, most terraformation...
Endless Moons 2.8.9
Created by Tychonoir
Increases the occurrence and significance of moons, while adding many new moon types and additional exploitation options. Includes rare instances of unique lost Endless Moon Temples and Celestial Orbs that provide significant bonuses when found restored.

More Anomalies
Created by tygart
This mod adds more moon and planetary anomalies to planets.

The anomalies aren't added by altering any of the galaxy generating files. Instead they are added after a game has been launched using hidden quests. This allows for more precise control of t...
Endless Legend Populations
Created by Captain Cobbs
This mod adds all of the Endless Legend major factions as encounterable minor factions.

List of their bonuses
  • Traits (+3 Science on Cold, +25 Defensive damage)
  • Collection Bonuses ( 1. +Religio
ESG Mod - 1.2.2 - Outdated
In order to maintain savegame compatibility and allow people to play with the patch they want, ESG will be releasing major updates as separate mods. Get the new mod here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2528955452...