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What is GunGame? - Everything Explained
By Dom
A VIDEO guide to GunGame, the TF2 mod-gamemode. GunGame is a gamemode where players team-deathmatch each other. Every kill grant a new weapons and the player to get the final kill with the last weapon wins.
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GunGame is a Team fortress 2 mod-gamemode. It’s normally played on custom-made with the prefix “GG,” but really can be played on any map as long as there isn’t an objective or the objective is disabled.

The idea behind GunGame comes from older first person shooters. It first appeared in the original Counterstrike. GunGame is also notable for being a staple part of the Call of Duty franchise.

GunGame in Team Fortress 2 started July 2011. Today there are roughly 3 GunGame servers in total.

So what is GunGame in Team Fortress 2?

GunGame is a custom gamemode where players receive a new weapon every time they get a kill, eventually scoring a kill with the final weapon wins the round.

In GunGame everyone starts off as the same class and same single weapon. Every time a player gets a kill they upgrade to the next weapon in the cycle of weapons. When this happens they will automatically, on the spot be switched to the class that wields the new weapon. They also reset back to full health and ammo.

The cycle of weapons differs from server to server. Server operators decide the cycle of weapons and the number of weapon needed to win. Usually the final weapon is a weapon that’s difficult to get a kill with.

The goal GunGame is to get a kill with the final weapon first. The player who does this wins the round. So rounds consist of players franticly killing and cycling through the weapons in order to get the final weapon and score the final kill. Since the mode is a race caution and self preservation takes a backseat to aiming and shooting.

Some servers have a mechanic where getting 5 kills in a row without a death grants the player a large sum of health, wile dying 5 times in a row without getting a kill downgrades the player to their previous weapon.

And that’s basically GunGame in a nutshell. A quick-paced deathmatch style mod-gamemode. Team Fortress 2’s version of a time-tested fun gameplay mechanic.

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Other Notes
  • There are 2 GG plugins on the internet. Only the old one counts assists for upgrading your weapon.
  • In the original GG players had melee as well. Melee kills would downgrade the killed opponent.
  • The players-respawning-with-uber thing is server-specific and not part of GG.
Learn More/Find a Server
To find a server: search "gg_" in the server browser. (Good luck. Empty 99% of the time. Only 1 of the 3 servers that run this has good uptime.)

Alternatively click here[] to use an online server browser with the search criteria: map's with gg_ in their name.

Note: It's a very unpopular mod. It was hard to get footage for the guide because it's rare that the gungame servers available have people playing on them. The only advice I can really give is to be patient and check to see if there's people on the few gungame servers often.


The 2 mentioned plugins. 1[] 2[]
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