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Jane Doe   Wisconsin, United States
Let me first establish some rules before trading with me:
1) If you send me a link of a "photo", "alt account," or someone who could otherwise add me directly, I'm blocking you.
2) If you mention the need for a middleman, I'm blocking you.
3) If you add me for the sake of asking for free items, I'm blocking you.
4) If you have -rep or any signs of scamming or attempts to scam on Steamrep, I'm blocking you, and I'm very thorough about my background checks.
5) If you mention my other unusual(s) that I'm currently not selling, I'm blocking you.
6) If you are trade banned, don't even bother, I'm blocking you.
7) If it ain't in the trade window, I ain't trading.
8) If your profile is private and you're looking to trade, chances are it's not happening.
9) If you so much as ask me to help promote your shitty 'loto site,' it ain't happenin'. I'm blocking you.
10) Steam Admins don't exist. I'm blocking you.

Now I've gotten things straight, you may now enlighten me.

If I have something of interest to you, here's my trade link: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=113647752&token=y3j14pmg
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