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How to Piss off the Ghost
By puuyo
Did some digging in the games source code and found this humorous.

Have fun dying!
Words that Immediately Enrage the Ghost
These words are hardcoded in to piss the ghost off even more so than the checks for [FirstName], [LastName]

As of October update the developer changed to Il2cpp form of Unity. It's possible to decompile the source HOWEVER you will only get the methods and not the implementation.

It seems the developer added in $50 memory editing prevention, and $70 obfuscation lol.

The latest patch stopped Melonloader (rip custom maps of right now).
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rmoorenav Nov 27, 2023 @ 9:11pm 
wait what
puuyo  [author] Jun 19, 2023 @ 4:13pm 
Yeah, this part of the code probably won't ever change. If you want a fast hunt just start cursing at the ghost or screaming blood mary.
BloodStar Jun 18, 2023 @ 9:25pm 
oh please tell me these still work
Trainfan2 Mar 14, 2023 @ 10:35am 
well I say all those word during a hunt like once I said COME SMACK MY CRUCIFIX (something something) 2 seconds later i got ambushed.
Ali Monster Feb 26, 2023 @ 1:31pm 
Do I have to say "Motherfucker" twice?
BrokeSkill Dec 28, 2022 @ 5:31am 
how can i piss him off in german
Drachi.San Oct 9, 2022 @ 8:49am 
i have a huge problem with the game after the last update with the new lobby if i open the game it will not open in fullscreen it looks a little bit like a mobile edition and it will alsow not change after i change the settings to fullscreen i alsow tried to deinstall and install the game again but that doesn´t changed anything eather so i gues it has to be some kind of coding error or stuff like that could you help me out with this problem i realy don´t know what to do
waffler1209 May 21, 2022 @ 7:27pm 
i once screamed half of these words at a ghost and threw a flaming smudge stick at him because the pro of our team got cornered (sadly still died), so i can personally confirm this makes the ghost angry
Soggy Cucumber Mar 12, 2022 @ 3:36pm 
have fun trying to piss off ghosts as a 7 year old kid lol
Cinnamon Toast Crunch Feb 10, 2022 @ 3:50pm 
yureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yur rit i did dat den i shizzed my pans