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What's wrong with my crosshair?
I swear its ironic
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Simple wallhacking recommendation

I'm absolutely a greenhorn on this cheating business.

I got about 1300 hours in CS all legit, i'm an AK rank and got a high trust factor since some lobbies dont run because other have too low trust factor.

I have MANY games on my steam acc (a lot of money)

I'm a programmer myself, but i don't wanna see code after 6pm since i'm full of it after working, i can do a private cheat but ... just wanna use a shelf solution.

I've had enough of enemy closet wallhacking and just wanna defend myself when i feel someone is obviously wallhacking.

how probable is i get banned if i try to "disguise" my wallhacking as much as possible?
provided i will only use it when i'm sure i'm getting cheated on?

will my whole steam acc get banned or just CS?

also, what is rage cheating? what's this "dont boost from australia"?

TL;DR can you guys recommend a reputed and safe-as-possible wallhack?
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I don't know but wish it happened to me
catnip Aug 6 @ 10:35am 
This really happened

This morning I woke up and I made myself a coffee (with milk and pepperoni) and then I grabbed a towel and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. For some reason tho the door was closed and it sounded like the shower was on. I was supposed to be home alone. I opened the door and yes, the shower was on. A voice spoke saying “Uhhh my fellow american I’m in here” and I was shocked. I walked out and closed the door. I waited in the hallway wondering if I should call the cops or not, but then eventually I heard the shower turn off. A few minutes went by, and then I saw him. The door opened and former president Barack Obama walked out of my bathroom. He came up to me, towel wrapped around his waist, smelled my nose and proceeded to say: “ok so uhh my fellow american this never happened… uhh don’t tell michelle” and then he moonwalked out the door and into a presidential limo.

Can someone explain why this happened? Thanks
Bunnings Warehouse Aug 6 @ 8:57am 
puuyo Aug 6 @ 8:45am 
birds aren't real
puuyo Aug 4 @ 5:30pm 
Thank you!