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Stargate Evolution 1
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Oct 3, 2020 @ 6:39am
Nov 25 @ 11:14am
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Stargate Evolution 1

MOD ID: 2246809471
This mod will work on any and all maps.

Our promise to the community
Barring any extreme unforeseen circumstances, we pledge that we will provide long term support and development on this mod. This mod will not be abandoned like the versions before it. We also have a design that backups the mod to ensure the mod files are not permanently lost under any circumstances. This system will ensure that this mods future and legacy that we all develop together will be safeguarded from anything that may befall any one of us.

If you use and/or like the mod please rate us up, upvotes help us get exposure. If you love us, please favorite the mod.

Stargate Evolution brings Stargates to Ark by introducing an Einstein–Rosen bridge portal device within the Stargate fictional universe that allows practical, rapid travel between two distant locations. The device allows for near-instantaneous travel across a single server, we will see about cross-server travel in the future. Much more content was brought to all of us fans to enjoy during the 15+ years of the franchise, & we plan to bring as much of it to you our community, as we can!

Basic Goals
Our goals for this mod are to go beyond that of just another teleporter mod. We plan to develop this mod to be much, much larger and grander than any of the previous projects for Stargate on ARK. Any & all suggestions/feedback is welcome to help us create the best Stargate mod that the ARK & the Stargate community could ask for.

Please bear with us on our work & the time it takes for an update as we are a limited sized group of devs working on a project we hope to become a large & well-loved mod.

Reasons to join our Discord
  • Get the most up-to-date info on development / see progress
  • Faster & easier access to support
  • Better system for the intake of suggestions & bug reports
  • Talk with fellow fans of the franchise & mod, or with the devs
  • Friendly team to chat with
  • See all the suggestions already posted in the Discord server (There's a lot)

Important note on Structures & Items
Functions / Systems of Structures & Items are possible to change / get upgraded / be removed / or have additions as updates to the mod get released. This is the nature of newer mods & mods still being developed. Therefore we have opted to keep the structures & items descriptions out, for the time being.

The Lantean Fabricator and Stargate Crafting Station require a Generator to be running to power them.

We will be developing a more comprehensive list of planned, possible, & suggested changes in Google Docs in the future.

We are using Google Docs to document everything we are doing to and with Stargate Evolution. To know more and to open the Google Docs please click the images below.

Raovake's Content Guide to Stargate Evolution (SE) - Getting Started
What this document covers: About SE and Us, Everything in SE, Known Issues, Engrams Listing, Admin Customizability

Raovake's Content Guide to Stargate Evolution (SE) - Comprehensive Spawn Codes
What this document covers: Absolutely all Spawn Codes

Raovake's Content Guide to Stargate Evolution (SE) - Comprehensive Roadmap
What this document covers: In Development, Further Development, Completed; Denied, Confirmed, and Submitted Suggestions

We will support & help our community, because without you there is no mod. The community is our extended family, all bonded by our mutual love for Stargate & ARK.

For any and all support please head over to our Discord server (Linked above) there you can submit bug reports or post suggestions and chat with the community as a whole.

If you want to help support the mod's development you can with a small donation to our team. Every little bit to support us will be highly appreciated. We have a lot more in store for the community, and we do mean a lot more in store for the community.
All donations go back into our mods to get more textures, 3D models, & assets.

Want easier kibble without the major grind?
Check out
Balanced Kibble
Want more advanced narcotics options without being too OP?
Check out
Balanced Narcotics

Big Thank you to the CAP team some of the models are used in this mod.
All Assets have been Revamped and new textures created for them meaning a lot of work to look good in the ARK engine.

CAP Download
CAP License.

This mod has no official link with MGM and is by no means an official mod of the "Stargate SG-1", "Stargate Atlantis", "Stargate Universe" and "Stargate Origins" series. Stargate Evolution has been made by fans for fans

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RaovakeGaming  [author] 3 hours ago 
What exactly are you trying to do? What are you gathering from? What pick? The drill won’t gather it.
pricemax 4 hours ago 
So I redownloaded the mod and still my pick or drill won’t work to gather the resources. Any thoughts?
RaovakeGaming  [author] 7 hours ago 
they do spawn on all maps. However will only spawn on ground or terrain type areas. They have their own system and are not tied to anything map specific. Other ini settings do not effect the PG system. Again they will spawn around you, other things like foundations can block them, and it is a success or fail for each spawn check so they will not 100% chance spawn every time.
Lunkilla90 9 hours ago 
@RaovakeGaming Testet on Ragnarok, but not all work. No naquadah or gold in Metal ord obsidian as you write. and give it a chance to change the spawn time or mor spawns?, its so very low and you search so mutch time for a little bit.
RaovakeGaming  [author] Dec 4 @ 9:16pm 
There is a Steam discussion detailing it. a Metal pick and anky should work fine. Tho you will not get any from obsidian or metal nodes anymore.
pricemax Dec 4 @ 6:57pm 
What do I use to collect them though? Neither my pick or my drill worked.
RaovakeGaming  [author] Dec 4 @ 4:21pm 
It is semi random, as it is a success / fail system on a time cycle. its meant to be as you explore. if you go looking for them you will feel like they never do.
pricemax Dec 4 @ 3:55pm 
How often do they spawn cuz I can’t find any
RaovakeGaming  [author] Nov 26 @ 1:52pm 
Stay idle in a area. They spawn around you.
C-Gunz Nov 26 @ 12:50pm 
Great Mod!!
Having a little trouble finding the new PG ore nodes since the change.
But otherwise loving what this adds to the game.