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Fullscreen Barbershop
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Sep 5, 2020 @ 9:04am
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Fullscreen Barbershop

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CK3 Mods for UI
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Take big screenshots of characters, rotate them, change poses, background and visual traits.

NOT compatible with achievements.

To open the barbershop, right-click a character, click the shears icon in the top right.

Mod compatibility:
- for EPE, use this compatch to enable idle poses. [not updated yet]
- for Princes of Darkness, put my mod above PoD, otherwise your characters will get very muscular. (This, sadly, will disable weight/muscles settings)
- This mod includes Barbershop for Everyone. If the button doesn't appear for all characters, put the mod to the bottom of your playset (or use a character interaction in the Personal category).

The mod also includes Natural Hair Colors.
Community Flavor Pack has a few more backgrounds for the Barbershop. (load order doesn't matter)

Other platforms:
Paradox Mods download[] - PDX Mods is currently bugged, this version may not work 100% percent
Direct forum download[]
(if the mod suddenly stops working, try one of them)
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Agami  [author] Aug 1 @ 5:08pm 
@Sacran There are two zoom buttons on the right.
Sacran Aug 1 @ 5:01pm 
Characters don't seem to have legs but otherwise is working fine
arvfatahillah Aug 1 @ 8:53am 
Hallo everyone, I would ask when I activated this mod and open interaction tab with right click on character my interaction tab is become transparent. It is bug or error ?
this mod I put in bottom playset. And my version CK 3 Plz give me information to resolve this problem
Dr. Gottlieb Jul 27 @ 2:52pm 

I don't think that would help at all. There must be some serious filesystem issues going on at your system. I'd do a clean windows install at that point or if possible try installing the game on another volume.
NarlepoaxIII Jul 27 @ 1:53pm 
@Dr. Gottlieb

Yep. I deleted every single file and folder on my computer that had anything to do with Paradox or Crusader Kings.

The workshop folder, the documents folder, the installer, everything in AppData, and even everything in Temp.

I honestly don't even know how the bug is persisting. It's kind of maddening.

I'm thinking of reinstalling my whole Steam app, at this point.
Dr. Gottlieb Jul 27 @ 10:49am 

Have you tried deleting steam's workshop folder, the documents-paradox-ck3 folder and the paradox launcher with its associated files?

I'd do that and then restart and re-install.
NarlepoaxIII Jul 27 @ 8:18am 
I totally scrubbed every file from my computer. I even had File Explorer search my whole PC for any file with the name "Paradox" or "Crusader," and manually deleted everything that had anything to do with the game.

I've got a help thread up in the Paradox forums, because it seems to be a bug that is somehow intrinsic to my game. Even with a fully, 100% vanilla reinstall, it still happens for every character regardless of culture or even start date.

Weird as hell. Thanks for trying to help.
Agami  [author] Jul 27 @ 8:05am 
@NarlepoaxIII you'd be better off asking people who mod clothes
I would suggest uninstalling and checking if any files are left manually. A reinstall doesn't remove duplicate files.
Also, have you checked with characters in different regions? maybe something in Iberia isn't scripted properly.
(also, do you have nudity enabled in game settings? does it change anything?)
NarlepoaxIII Jul 27 @ 6:54am 
Oh, for frick's sake. Here's me not doing my due dilligence.

I've checked some more, and it turns out I'm still having this issue even on a full Vanilla game. No mods installed at all, let alone enabled, and it's still happening.

So your mod is definitely not causing this issue.

Sorry for wasting both of our time.

In any case, you've got no idea what could be causing this, right?
NarlepoaxIII Jul 27 @ 6:21am 
That screenshot was using only CFP and FSB, mostly because it's easiest to notice when the character is supposed to be naked.

But here's compilation of screenshots of the character wearing the same pants regardless of outfit:

These ones were taken with only FSB activated.