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Community Flavor Pack

Community Flavor Pack aims to add a lot of historical portrait accessories for your characters, filling the many cultural lacks of vanilla CKIII. Dress up for war or court as you would be between 867 and 1453, impress your friends and subjects.

  • Vanilla assets edits and combinations
  • Western: Otto III imperial crown, Royal emerald crown, Roman crown, Duke and counts circlets, kettle hat, bascinet, topf helm, flat top helm, sugarloaf helm, frankish helmet, mail and gambeson coifs, pillbox hat ;
  • Iberian: Sancho IV crown, Aragon Dragon crown, Dragon helm, Nasal, Cerveliere, 6 hats (commoners, low nobles, high nobles), order of santiago tabard ;
  • Latin: Iron Crown of Lombardy, Mathilda of Tuscany's hennin, Doge of Venice outfit (robe and hat), Theodelinda's crown, Siculo-Norman helmets, curved helmets, phrygian hat, duke pannonian, baron top hat, commoner wicker hat ;
  • Slavic: Monomakh's Cap, Crown of Zvonimir, Albanian crown of Skanderbeg, circlet and helmet ;
  • Hungarian: Holy crown of Hungary, circlet and helmet ;
  • Northern: 3 nasals, 4 Viking helmets, Sutton Hoo helmet ;
  • Byzantine: Monomachus crown, Komnenos crown, purple cloak, pannonian pileus, propoloma, skiadion Roman helmet, kettle hat, Varangian guard nasal ;
  • Middle East & North Africa: Decorated mamluk helmet, Decorated sallet, Turban helmet, Fatimid helmet, Fatimid bonnet, Zamt, Tagelmusts, Lybian double harness, Taylasan cloak, Andalusian turban helmet, Andalusian nasal ;
  • Africa: Legwear, royal apron, 4 masks, 2 Edo coral crowns, 2 Ethiopian imperial crowns, Ethiopian veil, Ethiopian wicker hat, Makurian crown, 2 Nubian horned crowns, 2 Akan crowns, Fulani tengadé hat, 2 central africa wicker hats, Nubian helmet, Beninese helmet ;
  • Turkic: Turkic boerk, high and low nobility Seljuk coifs, Cuman battle mask & helmet, Cuman nobility coifs, Turkic crown and diadem ;
  • Iranians: Khud helmet, Ilkhanate helmet, leather and quilted helmets, mighfar mail coif, and hats for all social classes and sex ;
  • Catholic: Cardinal outfit, XIth century papal outfit, Northern bishop outfit, pilgrim hats, cross of Saint Cuthbert ;
  • Muslim: black caliph outfit ;
  • Oxthodox: koukoulion, omophorion ;
  • Jewish: judenhut, sudra ;
  • Eyeglasses for administrators and whole of body ;
  • Laurel wreaths for scholars, augusts and reformed Roman Empire ;
  • Armors: Churburg plate armor, Brigandine, Kanem bornu padded and mail, Norman chainmail, Western and MENA Gambeson, Teutonic Order tabard, Arabic chainmail, Arabic leather lamelar, Abbassid leather lamelar ;
  • Jewelry: rings, necklaces and earpieces for indepth character clothing customization ;
  • Cloaks: Ermine, Holy Order and commoner cloaks, including Byzantine purple variants ;
  • Shields: Viking round shield, Norman Kiteshield ;
  • Beards : 7 new models including the mighty french fork ;
  • Haircuts : 24 new models (5 steppe, 8 women, 5 african, slavic, norse, bald) and hair loosing system for long term stressed characters.

  • Nothing but variety and visual consistency with vanilla CK3
  • Historically accurate and documented (867-1453)
  • Seamless integration : no gameplay change
  • Expanded Barbershop
  • Customize further your visual experience via game rules
  • AI compatible
  • Translated in all languages

« Community Flavor Pack adds heaps of portrait accessories, so you can deck out your character with a little visual pizzazz. »
« The new features fit seamlessly into the game without disturbing the immersion. »
« For lovers of changing clothes and greater realism. »
« Drawn from historical sources to retain CK3’s aesthetic. »

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Jun 22 @ 2:04pm
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沙雕橘猫qwq Sep 24 @ 7:57am 
damn it looks great
Hedgehog_AUT Sep 23 @ 12:29pm 
the teutonic helmet is epe? okay
El Tyranos  [author] Sep 23 @ 11:25am 
@Hedgehog_AUT: there is no such model in CFP, it's EPE.
Hedgehog_AUT Sep 23 @ 5:33am 
anybody else got infants wearing shugarloav helmets with big ass wings? :P
Lev Sep 22 @ 12:05pm 
Why not work with Ethnic Portrait Creator Celticus? Together you would create the greatest of the great mods.
El Tyranos  [author] Sep 22 @ 9:31am 
@Ightblaine: yes!
Ightblaine Sep 21 @ 5:00pm 
is this save game compatible?
nikolas Sep 21 @ 5:41am 
I see; it IS a really cool hat though, so it's understandable why it would be so fashionable in the most exquisite courts of Europe :steammocking:
El Tyranos  [author] Sep 20 @ 9:46am 
No offense taken, I have to look at a way to reduce its spawn rate indeed. It's based on the post pilgrimage modifier (which last like 2 years), but since they go A LOT, they often have it :D
nikolas Sep 19 @ 3:35pm 
No offense, but the pilgrim hat really does appear way too often. Every game I play has a majority of rulers wearing pilgrim hats now, and it looks super silly