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Daemonettes of Slaanesh
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Aug 29 @ 8:32am
Oct 5 @ 5:40am
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Daemonettes of Slaanesh

"Come to me. Come to me! You know it is what you have always desired. All your life till now has been a desperate dream of me... awaken! Awaken, and come to me, for your reward awaits in my arms..."

ChaosRobie and I did that mod for the mod jam

This mod add Daemonettes of Slaanesh for the Chaos and the Cult of Pleasure

We created the very unique unit with lot of new models

Chaosrobie did the rigging, importing and the tables
i did the models ,and the textures, and little balance

SFO submod link:

This mod is compatible with the Boyz Will Be Boyz - Closer to Tabletop overhaul (CTT) mod

My Plaguebearers of Nurgle mod:

Thanks for Cataph the help for the stats

I'm usually on the C&C Modding Discord[].

I have a Patreon:

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Epyon (AnimeToxic) Nov 14 @ 3:00pm 
add for norsca :(?
Coach Awesome Nov 2 @ 6:49pm 
@Black Stabbath
They're not recruitable when using Ultimate Chaos, unfortunately. There was talk earlier in the month of potentially making them compatible.

If you're really down for it, you could edit this mod to effectively replace the Daemonettes in Ultimate Chaos, though it'll be a little involved.
Black Stabbath Oct 26 @ 10:03am 
is it compatible with ultimate chaos because that mod edits most of the building chains, might make them not recruitable
Bloradis Oct 26 @ 9:09am 
Dude i love you, I have been looking for Good demon units for chaos XD Hope you do Greater demons as well
thaygiaomap2000 Oct 16 @ 8:11pm 
keeper of secrets please
☭S.P.Q.R☭ Velg Oct 10 @ 10:50am 
Hey, awesome job mate. Just wanted to ask what skill gives daemonettes buffs, if there is any.
albertng1612 Oct 8 @ 1:45pm 
Wow you guys have made some awesome mods with the Daemons. Much appreciated!!!!
Keep up the great works :-)
Star-X Oct 7 @ 2:16pm 
Holy crap, all we need now are Horrors and we'll have all 4 types of lesser daemon!

Any chance of also working on the 3 remaining Greater Daemons plus some of the daemonic beasts/chariots/etc too? At the very least, a Daemon Prince lord with skills for each mark would work until such point that Greater Daemons could be made and/or are released by CA.
cybvep Oct 5 @ 7:12am 
I see that the unit received some update regarding the stats. They have less AP now, which differentiates them more from the Bloodletters. I no longer consider them OP and it even makes sense that they are tier 4 for the DE now. However, ATM they seem to have just +2 (yes, +2) bonus vs infantry. This seems a bit pointless (no unit in WH2 has such a low bonus vs infantry), so I think that this might be a minor bug.

To emphasize their uniqueness even further, maybe the strider attribute would be ok. Fits Slaneesh rather well IMO.
🐾 Meerkat Manor 🐾 Oct 5 @ 5:42am 
If I am running SFO, do I get the SFO Submod version of this mod or get the standalone version? Thanks for putting this effort and your life's energy into this. :thumb: