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Collision Resizer (ENHANCED)
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Jan 16, 2014 @ 8:19pm
Oct 15, 2016 @ 10:20pm
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Collision Resizer (ENHANCED)

MASSIVE UPDATE October 31st, 2015
  • Physics now work on the client!
  • Resizing is now compatible with HL2/engine saves!
  • Resizing is now fully compatible with demo recordings!

Shows up as "Prop Resizer"

This is an STool that resizes every aspect of a prop, including its collision mesh.
Resized objects can be duplicated, saved, constrained, recorded, etc.

Resizing works with:
  • Dupes
  • GMod/Lua saves
  • HL2/engine saves
  • Demo recordings

Known bugs:
  • Bad things happen when resized physics objects made out of many convex pieces collide.
  • Buoyancy doesn't work quite right.
  • Shadows don't resize correctly for certain models.
  • If the point that was at the center of the model before it was resized goes outside of the world, the model will be shaded dark.

  • Use caution when dealing with props with physics objects that are made out of many convex pieces.
  • Don't make big things too big, don't make small things too small.
  • Don't force the values to go outside of their limits unless you really know what you are doing.
  • The resizing process is expensive; don't save dupes or games involving many complex resized objects if your computer has a weak processor.

If you want to resize entities with more than one physics object, try the Ragdoll Resizer STool that someone else made.

IMMEDIATELY inform me of any problems, and feel free to leave suggestions.
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Apr 10 @ 3:06am
Where do i find the tool in gmod
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Jul 30, 2020 @ 10:12am
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Francky Jul 3 @ 10:15am 
Is there a way to render things that are "outside of sight"? For example, I have this gigantic pencil that is invisible from my window because I can't see the center point of the prop. Only when I look the prop appears and is rendered.
ruler of the bums at el tigre Jun 13 @ 12:25am 
i think the new update kinda broke the resizer, since it doesnt seem to save the resizes, plus crashes on certian props, anyone else got this problem?
nerdslayer2008 Apr 26 @ 9:05pm 
if im retarded sorry
nerdslayer2008 Apr 26 @ 9:04pm 
it will not change size
DaDucks Apr 10 @ 3:00am 
Tactical Dalai Llama Mar 20 @ 7:43am 
help i used the collision resizer and now everything on another server is just the red error sign i tried disabling the addon then uninstalling it they didnt work help
mesa Mar 15 @ 12:14pm 
I took this to the next level
RedLink1029 Mar 6 @ 7:03pm 
@Georg "Buoyancy doesn't work quite right." its a known bug, meaning props floating in water might not behave properly when their size is changed. :cozycastondeath:

Also, LOVE the mod, this made me come up with many new ideas. Keep it up! :cozysmitedaji:
Georg Feb 17 @ 10:06pm 
Oh Come on I try build big prop a water but Hover like wood pf blown, FIX THIS piz.
Is there a way to use with with perma props. Everytime I perma prop a resized prop is resets the size to the default size