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Plague Inc: Evolved

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The Feline Mutagen
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Jun 27, 2020 @ 4:05pm
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The Feline Mutagen

In an alternative universe, Humans co-exist with a race of Humanoid-Felines called the Jinimaru, often referred to as \\"Cat-Men\\". A large portion of the world lives peacefully with them, however, some seek to exploit the felines for medical research and treat them like other animals rather than as equals.
One experiment was performed for military purposes, involved creating a pathogen using the felines DNA, which would increase soldiers combat performance and senses. This experiment also revealed how easy the Jinimaru DNA was to manipulate, allowing scientists to turn on any genes they wanted in the felines, creating various mutations of the felines they could use in future experiments.
Without proper testing over what such a powerful thing was capable of in the long-term, the creatures DNA was inserted into a pathogen and used in a Human known as Subject 218. However, he was being tested upon against his will, and escaped, unknowingly carrying the pathogen within him.

Will the mutagen lay dormant before developing into something deadly, or will it mutate its hosts into the very beings it was made from?

Inspired by the novels \"Specimen G-13\" and \"Subject 218\".
PicaDaWumpus Jun 28, 2020 @ 8:13am 
Wait... A decently done disease in 2020 that's not COVID? Damn, I'm impressed.