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Garry's Mod

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xdReanimsBase (GMod) Anim Mods base
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Jun 26, 2020 @ 8:01pm
Jan 11 @ 12:20pm
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xdReanimsBase (GMod) Anim Mods base

Base dependency for 3-rd person re-animations mods for player models and NPCs. Alone itself it does nothing.

This is solely client side thing. It is intended to allow to replace existing animations, not to create new ones. Server owners should not install it on servers. Should work mostly on all servers unless there's some consistency check.

  • Provides basic system of adding replacements for animations.
  • Slot system that allows combining multiple re-animations mods. Up to 48 different slots per each animation file.
  • When not provided new ones, original sequences are played instead. Implement only willing things.
  • Has sequence orders already predefined for multiplayer gaming consistency, no more of painful sequence reordering for mod makers.

Bugs and Limitations:
  • Base and newly subscribed animations mods require game restart after subscribing
  • Combining both mods on same animation file slot won't work. Random one will be picked instead. Ask modder to recompile to different slot.
  • If both mods replace same sequence, the one from replacement with lowest slot number will have priority.
  • It's not possible to replace some animations for some NPCs as they have them embedded into models themselves instead of importing from animation mdl and thus having priority.
  • Conflicts with other animations mods. See ported non-conflicting available ports below.

Animations mods ported and compatible to xdR base:

  • Both xdR and wOS bases must not be subscribed in same time to prevent both mods not working.
  • wOS Extensions Support is embedded into the addon. Subscribe to willing extensions.
  • For wOS addons that require the lua portion of the wiltOS Base, Code Only version of Base must be subscribed. An example of addons that require the base code are Simple Sword Art, Advanced Lightsaber Combat System, Authentic Day of Defeat: Source Sweps, and The Avengers addon.
Prone Mod
AM4 base
  • Support is added.
to be extended...

Info and Guides:

If it doesn't work or there are bugs
Type r_flushlod in console. If it doesn't help, then:
Type in console whereis models/m_anm.mdl and disable indicated addon if it's not xdReanimsBase.
If nothing else helps, unpack gma and place it in addons/
baccabab Apr 4 @ 6:34am 
о я поигрался с консолью и всё сработало
baccabab Apr 4 @ 5:26am 
не работает.
xdshot  [author] Mar 26 @ 9:58pm 
Works for me
牛栏山辉夜 Mar 25 @ 11:55pm 
The recent GMOD update caused this mod to become invalid,Could you please fix it? Thank you very much
xdshot  [author] Mar 23 @ 7:14am 
Гайд на английском в описании. Гуглоперевод в помощь.
SmollMan Mar 23 @ 5:56am 
как создать свою анимацию ?
Killa Klappa Mar 16 @ 12:47pm 
Dreadnought Mar 16 @ 11:27am 
*Everyone complaining about unnoticeable changes*

minutes later....
*My headache intensifies* Am I the only one that's not a developer and knows this works?:steamfacepalm:
xdshot  [author] Mar 16 @ 7:09am 
Show console output
xdshot  [author] Mar 16 @ 7:09am 
Was it there,? Dev branch?