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The Prone Mod - wOS
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Oct 5, 2016 @ 4:13pm
Jul 11, 2020 @ 9:13am
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The Prone Mod - wOS

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Prone Mod wOS Requirements
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Give those tired legs a break and go prone!

Note: This version of the addon requires wOS - Base Extension and wOS - Prone Mod Extension to work.

Note: This addon may cause some NPCs to glitch into prone animations at random times. Currently this issue is known but will not be addressed until a proper solution is found.

How do I install this?
  • Make sure you, everyone else in your game, and the server itself (if you have a dedicated server) all have this addon, and it's two dependency addons, installed. Then restart your game. Dedicated servers need the models mounted on the server.

How do I go prone?
  • By default either double tap the crouch button or enter "prone" into console.

How do I change what key it is to go prone?
  • Type "prone_config" in console.

Model X doesn't work properly with the Prone Mod, what can I do?
  • This addon works by adding prone animations to the base Garry's Mod and HL2 animation models, not to each model in the game itself. If a model is not working with this addon you should direct your complaints to the creator of said model.

I see a config menu in the images above, how do I access it?
  • Use the GitHub version of the addon linked here[]. The config file is in prone_mod/lua/prone/config.lua

How does this work with Clockwork, Nutscript, or Helix?
  • (As of June 2020) Perfectly fine, just like any other gamemode.

Do I need to use wOS for this addon to work?
  • Nope, use this version instead. This other version will not work with wOS.

My view while prone keeps bouncing/I can prone really fast/I can jump while prone/etc
  • This is because some addon is conflicting with the Prone Mod. The best thing to do would be to pinpoint the exact addon causing the problem and letting Stalker know about it.

The addon doesn't work!
  • It most likely does but Garry's Mod supports only one single addon that adds animations at a time. The wOS version of this addon was made to help circumvent this but not every animation addon supports it. Please test the addon on a vanilla server before reporting that the addon doesn't work.

I'm a lua developer, does your addon have an API?
  • Yep, here[] is the documentation.

I'm making my own animations base, how do I add support for your Prone Mod?

I have another problem not covered here, where should I ask?
  • Post it in the pinned Report Issues Here thread below.

Console Commands:
prone -- Lets you go in and out of prone. prone_config -- Opens up a menu to change what keys make you go prone. prone_movespeed -- Sets the move speed of the players while prone (Server only). prone_disabletransitions -- Disables view transitions between prone get up/down.

Github Link -
Stalker - Responsible for the Lua code. Contact him for support.
Stiffy360 - Responsible for porting and tweaking the animations. DO NOT contact him for support.

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Nothing about the Addon
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Sethry Sep 11 @ 5:10am 
wOS version "does this work with wOS?" "no use this mod instead" (reloads page)
prophet//PMC// Aug 23 @ 2:19pm 
What the fuck I don't understand modding anymore it suddenly fixed itself
prophet//PMC// Aug 23 @ 11:58am 
Suddenly doesn't work, all commands don't exist but the animations do
Kinseliplier Aug 17 @ 10:02am 
it works perfectly fine for me and i can see my character laying down. the only thing i hate is i cant spam crouch anymore cause almost everytime i hit left control my character just automaticaly goes prone instead of crouching.
Onyx Aug 6 @ 6:45pm 
when i prone it still shows me standing but i walk slow
Benadryl Aug 3 @ 1:41pm 
I downloaded everything but animation just doesen't exist
FBI Skid Jun 14 @ 2:32pm 
used this addon months or year ago idk if its buggy for me :(
Darkfire May 22 @ 9:38pm 
this mod stops working when ArcCW is enabled, the command simply doesn't exist when they are both activated
walking dogo May 14 @ 12:10am 
i know i can just change the key but if i do ill forget i even have this installed
walking dogo May 14 @ 12:09am 
can i set the time inbetween the double tap it anoying it working at the wrong time like i use an adon to slide away from enemys then get behind something for cover prone and when i get up im surounded