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The Relics of Rivellon - Stand Alone
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Jun 22, 2020 @ 8:18pm
Jul 2, 2020 @ 5:38pm
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The Relics of Rivellon - Stand Alone

- Do you have a playthrough started before the release of Gift Bag #5 (Relics of Rivellon) and would still like to see the new content in your game?
- Did you miss part of a Relics of Rivellon quest in your game?
- Does your female lizard look weird when she equips the new Vulture Armour Set?

Then this mod is for you!
The major features of this mod are:

Enables the Relics of Rivellon (Gift Bag #5) content in an existing playthrough
The official Gift Bag #5 is automatically enabled when starting a new game, but is not added to games started before the update. It means that if you're 50 hours into a playthrough, you won't be able to experience the new content unless you start a new game.

This mod brings a solution to this issue by manually adding all the Relics of Rivellon content on any existing game, meaning you'll be able to experience the new content in your current playthrough without restarting the game!

Adds a Quest Restorer that allows you to complete missed steps in Relics quests
Since the quests related to the Relics of Rivellon might start in an earlier Act than your current playthrough (e.g. you are in Reaper's Coast but some mandatory quest steps happened in Fort Joy, which you were not able to complete), you still need a way to complete those missed steps.

This is why the mod automatically detects when you are missing a quest step and gives you access to the "Quest State Restorer" - a friendly Imp summoned by a squeaky ball! They will allow you to simulate a run through the missed steps and restore the quests to state as if you completed their content in the earlier Acts.

Note: this also applies to games with the Gift Bag #5 content enabled!

Fixes a number of bugs within and brings enhancements to the Relics of Rivellon content
New content sometimes means new bugs! This mod brings fixes to a number of those, hopefully contributing to a more stable playthrough!

It also adds a few enhancements to boot!

The full list of bugs & enhancements is found at the end of this description.

If you are enabling the mod on a save that does not have access to the Gift Bag #5: do NOT ever, ever, DISABLE this mod on that save. You will irrevocably lose access to the Relics of Rivellon content if you do so, even if you enable the mod again later on!

If you are enabling the mod on a save that does have access to the Gift Bag #5: you're safe! You can disable/enable the mod at your leisure. Theoretically. Hopefully. Maybe don't disable it if you can.

How to use
Simply subscribe here and then enable the mod in the main menu, and the content & bug fixes should be applied to any game you start or load!

If the mod detects that you missed quest steps in an earlier Act, it will automatically give one of your characters a "Quest State Restorer" squeaky ball. Use it to start the process of quest restoration with your friendly Imp!

The idea behind the Quest Restorer is that if you missed part of the quests, you would load a save from an earlier Act and complete the content there. Then, you would load your current save, and restore what you did in that other save in your current save.

For instance, let's say your current save is in Reaper's Coast. It means you missed the quest related to the Captain Armour Set because it happens in Fort Joy.
You would then load a save in Fort Joy, complete the quest, and then load your save in Reaper's Coast.
Then, through the Quest State Restorer, you would tell your friendly Imp what you did in that other save, and they will update your Journal and give you the items relevant to your quest (such any Armour Set pieces you might have found).

Going through the restoration process might not create the exact same Journal entries as in your other saved game, but they should hopefully remain pretty close!

Of course, completing the content in another save is not mandatory to enable the Quest Restorer, but the whole purpose of this mod is to enable the content so that it can be completed, is it not?

Note: once you've been through the full restoration process, the friendly Imp will bid you goodbye and disappear along with their squeaky toy - let's not clutter your inventory, shall we?

Steps affected by the Quest State Restorer
This section lists all the critical steps currently handled by the Quest State Restorer.

Captain Armour Set
Restoring the acquisition of each piece of the Captain Armour Set after leaving Fort Joy as the quest happens solely there. This can happen only if the set has not been completed in the current playthrough, obviously!

Vulture Armour Set
Restoring the acquisition of missed items.

If past Fort Joy:
  1. Restoring the acquisition of the book "Dwarven Customs & Traditions", if not found in the current playthrough.
If past Reaper's Coast:
  1. Restoring the acquisition of the Vulture Armour Set as the quest happens solely there. This can happen only if the set has not been completed in the current playthrough.

Contamination Armour Set
Restoring the actions and decisions taken in Fort Joy and Reaper's Coast, if any.

If past Fort Joy:
  1. Restoring what happened to the Scion, if encountered; if she died, whether her limb as well as the Boots & Leggings of Contamination have been recovered.
  2. Restoring the consumption of the Contaminated Magister's Foot and the learning of Trigger Spores from it;
  3. Restoring the reading of the Shipwreck's Manifesto, giving clues as to the location of the remaining Spores;
  4. Restoring the acquisition of the Flawed Contaminated Spore.
If Reaper's Coast:
  1. Restoring what happened to the Scion, if still alive and encountered; if she died, whether her limb as well as the Boots, Leggings & Gloves of Contamination have been recovered.
  2. Restoring the acquisition of the Gloves and/or Chest of Contamination, and for the latter, whether it has been given back to the Scion if she is still alive;
  3. Restoring the acquisition and reading of the Magisters' Spore Research Report;
  4. Restoring the acquisition of any of the 4 Flawed Contaminated Spores in Reaper's Coast.

Devourer Armour Set
Restoring the acquisition of any missed armour piece. The restored armour piece will scatter around the character using the Quest State Restorer. The "Place of Longing" dialog will automatically trigger immediately after the "Pickup" dialog has ended.

If past Fort Joy:
  1. Devourer Gloves
If past Reaper's Coast:
  1. Devourer Boots
If past the Nameless Isle:
  1. Devourer Leggings

List of bugs/enhancements
The full list can be found in this spreadsheet (it contains spoilers so beware): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hphMUOLVy9zLg4s_KUQVdeViUlfYPm2iXiTjI6Fr-v8/edit?usp=sharing

Sample bug fixes:
- The Vulture Leggings on a female Lizard cause a bug with their tail. The model has been replaced with a similar, working model while waiting for an official fix.
- When the full Vulture set is equipped, anyone losing a "Chicken" or "Spider Legs" status will gain the Vulture Wings buff, even if they aren't the one with the full set equipped. This mod fixes that.

Sample enhancement:
- The "Tyrant's Aura" from the Captain's Armour Set has now its visual effects disabled out-of-combat.
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Léo May 7 @ 8:15pm 
@PhagBag you didn't read the description huh ? Working fine here.
Just read how to use the mod :)
Spesh Apr 29 @ 9:50pm 
I'm trying to mod the set bonus for the Contamination set to remove the acid ball spitting whenever the wearer takes damage, but I can't for the life of me figure out what calls it. I've poked and tweaked pretty much everything I can think of, and can edit almost everything BUT the acid spitting. Anyone got any pointers, Futeko or anyone else?
PhagBag Apr 24 @ 11:43am 
This mod was recommended to me, it doesn't work, it sucks. It just asks if you did certain things, and then says everything is fixed. it doesn't fix anything.
Alcanate Apr 8 @ 3:27pm 
I missed the legs for the Devourer set. However, I didn't get the option to get them from this mod. Possible bug or did I do something wrong?
Draco Mortis Mar 14 @ 1:53pm 
not working at all
Gladerious Feb 19 @ 11:40pm 
I downloaded this mod to get the gloves I missed ina ct 1. Somehow my boots are now missing... Is there anyway the mod could just give you the choice for recuperating the items?
Alpacalypse Feb 19 @ 10:31am 
Spawned duplicate devourer's leg armor at the place you're supposed to pick it up from, which bugged out and initiated the armor pickup cutscene every time I moved it to someone else's inventory. Both duplicated leg pieces then proceeded to delete themselves when I moved to Arx, and aren't recoverable through the mod.
Is this armor set just permanently unavailable for the rest of my save? Is this a known bug with the mod?
Blackout Feb 6 @ 2:43pm 
Following my last comment i decided to disable the mod to prevent the duplication of the devourer's chest piece. Upon disabling the mod and reloading my save (after id obtained the gloves), the gloves had vanished. The entry was still in my quest log so the restorer didn't detect that i'd not got the gloves.I re-enabled the mod, but the gloves didn't return.
Blackout Feb 6 @ 8:03am 
I'm finding duplicate items. Devourer set items at lest. I've found two sets of boots and two armours so far.... same locations, stacked
bobert Feb 4 @ 5:44pm 
There is a bug with the Devourer set such that the gloves randomly unequipped and cannot find them in inventory anymore. However, Chronicler still follows you with Spirit Vision.