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4terran's 11-12 Databse 2.0
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4terran's 11-12 Databse 2.0

Go back to the 11-12 season and make history!

Hi, I'm a Korean user, 4teran. It can be difficult to understand because I am not good at English.

This database allows football manager 2020 to play similar to the 11-12 season.

About 14,000 people have been modified.

CA refer to databases in 2012 and PA 2020 to create the most realistic databases. There are also young players like Kylian Mbappé and jadon sancho who do not exist in the 2012 database.
They're very young at the beginning, so they can't but you will be able to recruit them at a young age after a certain season. I have modified all the players with more than -8 potential and will be able to use them all.

And even if it's not a revised league, many of the players with high potential have been modified.

And I created two versions of the database. One is the same as the PA of the 2020 database. And the other thing is to randomly set the PA of many modified players.

I can't make it perfectly because I'm making this database by myself. So many of the staff are almost unchanged and most of the modifications are about the players. You can refer to the image for the currently modified league.
I have been working on this database since November at Football Manager 2020 and am planning to update it by early August.

You must use the Football Manager 2020 database. You must not use Update.

You need to use my another DBs.

1. 4terran's 11-12 Database & 4terran's 11-12 Database(Random Potential)
Players and clubs modified.

2. 4terran's 11-12 Database UEFA Teams
UEFA clubs modified to season 11-12.

3. 4terran's 11-12 Database England fix
England prize mony modified & English transfer market modified.

4. 4terran's 11-12 Database Germany fix
Germany prize mony modified & Activate the Fourth Division to play Leipzig.

5. 4terran's 11-12 Database Transfer & Wage Value fix
Transfer & Wage Value modified like 11-12 season.

6. Youth Point Change by 4terran
To suppress regen players with excessively high potential, use this DB.

If you want to support me, please follow or subscribe to my Twitch channel.

You can sponsor using Patreon.

The players' Face Pack was made by someone else.
download link

EPL Face Pack :
Laliga Face Pack :
Serie A Face Pack :
Bundes Face Pack :
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Maciun | InsaneChamp Sep 20 @ 10:22am 
i dont now why but i dont have a german league and english league
MORTY Sep 5 @ 1:44pm 
database is amazing and a lot of fun to play with, but it'd be great if player's history are kept (e.g: lampard, drogba, gerrard, rooney, etc.) as a tribute to their duties for their club, also some players were missing like (ashley cole, alphonso davies, among others). managers such as diego simeone was placed in arsenal also in my save. Otherwise the database is great and a lot of fun !

it'd be great if you can set-up a discord where users can help out by sending their issues and keep adding improvements and ideas
johnsmckenzie121 Sep 2 @ 6:38am 
any closer to a update
Jodor Aug 23 @ 4:57am 
Ashley Cole isn't on the database
ricardoramosd95 Aug 7 @ 3:46pm 
ricardoramosd95 Aug 7 @ 3:46pm 
the update
cooleray Jul 29 @ 5:46pm 
선생님 펨코에서 이 로스터 올린거 보고 잘 쓰고 있는 사람중 한명입니다...
제가 이 로스터 구독을 한 상태이긴 한데 다른 컴퓨터로 할려고 보니까 로스터가 안보이더라구요...
구독 취소하고 다시 구독해보긴 했는데 그래도 파일이 안나와서...
혹시 이거 문제를 어떻게 해결해야 하는지 알고 계신다면 알려주세요
gante24 Jul 22 @ 9:54am 
no scholsey :'(
kelwyn.warlow76 Jul 16 @ 10:21am 
@theFMretroGamer @4terran can anyone help? i cannot use this database as everytime i try to do anything in editor it says "number of teams in bundesliga (18) doesn't match up with number of teams in the real fixtures (4)"
theFMretroGamer Jul 14 @ 11:53pm 
@Dora The Exploder we are collaborating with him. The FM Retro Group.