Call of Duty: Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

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Jun 14, 2020 @ 11:02am
Jul 3, 2020 @ 3:42pm
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Supplies exhausted, the last survivors on Neptune prepare to meet the rest of the crew.

As this is my first Zombies map, it's totally possible things are broken. If you run into bugs or any performance issues, please call it out. Any and all feedback is welcome as this level is under active development. Difficulty tuning/weapon placement may change based on feedback. The full credits listing is pinned as a separate forum post due to sheer length. Also volumetric lighting is critical to the experience. I would highly recommend turning it on.

12 Perks
30 Skull Shootables (which increase Perk limit with every 5)
Unique Flooding Mechanic
Random Challenges (activated through corpses)
Full Main Easter Egg That Culminates In A Unique Boss Fight
Nova Crawlers and Parasite Enemies with Brutus and Napalm Zombies Included In Boss Fights
Primarily Modern Warfare Remaster Weapons
Blundergat, Ancient Bows and REDACTED Wonder Weapons
Fleshed Out Background Story (told through ingame notes and monitors)
Unique Inventory and End Grading System
Custom Powerups

If you would like to donate, it would be very much appreciated : Link[]

Enjoy your stay on Neptune!
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Neon Slice
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vro reelly Jan 3 @ 11:00pm 
really love this map. i'm down to play with anyone. send me a fr
Febeau Dec 23, 2020 @ 2:05pm 
Febeau Dec 23, 2020 @ 2:00pm 
What a godawful experiance, invisible nova crawlers every round and a minimum of 20+ per round. Pure pain, nothing but agony, if hell would have a 7th circle this would be it. You need to find so many obscure things it made me feel like i was taking an eye exam. The game constantly gave me seizures with loud noises and white strobe effects going off every 5 seconds. It was not fun. If i did not play this with 2 other friends to share my pain i would not be here today, instead this review would have been shown at my funeral. I must thank my 2 other masochist friends for joining me on death wish.
Do not let your child get close to this death contrapion. This map changes a person, and not for the better.
Kaether ϟϟ Dec 23, 2020 @ 1:59pm 
this map is literally retarded, its literally maze and u run out of ammo so fast. id rather gouge out my eyeballs with a rusty spoon then do these challenges again. this map is only enjoyable if ur an inbred. please man, before u bring out another map, consider it again. this is so shit, like actual garbage. crushing my nuts with an anvil would be less painfull then the endboss. with that being said: i hope the map maker knows his cruel deeds and pays for it.
Jimma Dec 23, 2020 @ 1:54pm 
I would rather shit on my hands and clap for an hour long then play this horrible dogshit map. I am 100% sure this map is made by an inbred with downsyndrome who took a youtube tutorial on how to make black ops 3 customz maps.
Mr. Pants Dec 16, 2020 @ 9:46pm 
Every time i play this map I keep getting connection interrupted that freezes my game while completing my last corpse challenge before the captain and it's really annoying
Desenrrollado Nov 22, 2020 @ 12:12am 
It's cool but it's buggy as all heck. Keeps crashing and even invisible crawlers and junk. It's got good effort and stuff but it could use alot of polish. I'll complete it when it doesn't end with a connection error on the boss fight.
PookieBear Nov 11, 2020 @ 4:51pm 
why are people talking so much shit about this map? this map is really well made especially for your first one. i hope you make more maps because this one was sick as fuck. the crashing and stuff is kind of a problem though.
ImDylanBTW Oct 31, 2020 @ 1:53pm 
power lever location?
BluntBurning Oct 28, 2020 @ 7:18pm 
horrible fucking map. piece of shit creator. 10/10 would NOT recommend.