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Goldeneye Alyx 007 - FACILITY
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Jun 9, 2020 @ 3:06am
Jun 24, 2020 @ 7:10am
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Goldeneye Alyx 007 - FACILITY

Version 3.01

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Dam Part 1

Jump into the role of Alyx Bond and take on the classic N64 Goldeneye map FACILITY in this VR REMASTER! Experience a nostalgic breakthrough in re-telling a classic through sandbox mechanics that give players a unique combat experience as they are guided through a story crafted to help Alyx accomplish each objective. The dynamic AI that has been crafted, as well as players choice of approach through each objective, gives you the freedom to play a unique style that will keep you coming back for more!

Eagle One Development Team

Lead Project / Lead Level Designer: Sami "@ChimonaHehe#9488" Alayoubi

AI / Gameplay: Jacob "@Jacob Hertz (Deer)#7004" Hertz

Total Build Time from first brush to publish: 14 days

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Jun 8 @ 6:00pm
Crash on load
Jul 25 @ 10:10am
no smg now
< >
Harbinger Thrace Jun 8 @ 6:01pm 
it was SO good up until it crashed in the part after the blue keycard. Now no saves load and the game always crashes =(
Bloodygod May 6 @ 1:45pm 
Very good mod, but it's crashing on loading savegame. Have to start from beginning. It's not crashing after death, but after quit HLA and starting HLA again and load the savegame.
SlimRam Apr 26 @ 7:58am 
The first time I was stuck in an open train car with soldiers on both sides of the car firing into it as the bullets whiz by your head and you try to make yourself tiny as you stick your hand... WITH THE FREAKING GUN IN IT around a corner and LITERALLY blind fire for the first time...

That's when I took off the hmd and realized that I had never actually been in a gun fight before... but I kinda feel like I know now what it must be like. Yeah this game is awesome!
wim.buytaert.1988 Apr 25 @ 12:40pm 
the team has been verry hard at work to release a campaign spanning 12 levels. wil be huge!! there putting al there efford in there! you wil love there work
McSeamus1 Apr 25 @ 12:22pm 
unfortunately, I cannot get the blue card to activate the door in Goldeneye Facility Mod, even if I do not wrist pocket the card and carry it straight from picking it up, right to the door and did the map to that point twice and didn't work either time. Any fix on the horizon, as sure do like the map and play so far and would love to finish it
Suk Mah Nutz Apr 25 @ 5:18am 
Nice map.. Sadly i cant get far since that red keycard doesent activate the terminal to unlock the door to that bathroom
Skummeh Apr 5 @ 5:24pm 
Still holds up well today...remember not to wrist pocket the keycards: https://youtu.be/JA5KtQDuQhg
neilrenshaw Mar 26 @ 8:00am 
Awesome maps. just finished playing all your maps and I'm now going to go through them all again. Facility first. Only because I missed loads on it last time. Keep up the fantastic work ..
Draugisil Mar 23 @ 11:15am 
Fantastic / awesome map. Unfortunately I could not finish it, where you redeem the blue keycard I got stuck and could not move. Save and load then crashed the whole game.
Сomessatorem Mar 22 @ 11:18am 
Weird playthrough of a great map:steamthumbsup: