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Half-Life: Alyx

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May 29 @ 5:02pm
Jun 5 @ 2:47pm
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1st Place in the first HL:A Modding Hub Discord[discord.gg] mapping competition.

A Combine substation is being built in a residential block, and after a rebel attack their progress was halted. As one of the last remaining rebels in the area, you are being sent in to stop the combine from finishing their project. You will be sent in alone and are not expected to return.

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Known Issues
Bad performance in outdoor areas.
(This is a result of 99% of the map being made with the bootleg tools, and before knowing how the vis system worked for Source2)

"AI Disabled" after dying in certain fights.
(From what I can tell this is an engine error, I cannot fix this. Reload from an older autosave or restart the map)

If you have any feedback or find any issues, please leave a comment!
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Sep 4 @ 2:55pm
It's AMAZING! SO MUCH LOVE - but......!
Sep 9 @ 5:35pm
Seroius bug - Enemy AI won't work after loading any save
Sep 5 @ 4:35pm
Hacking glitch that locks progress... Please help!
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necrophonic Oct 18 @ 2:05pm 
Great, well made level!
Another Oct 18 @ 1:51pm 
it was a blast!
Max Max Oct 2 @ 4:43am 
Fantastic map, you did a great job!
Great Dane Sep 20 @ 6:06pm 
You could put this in between the real campaign and I would've believed it to be a real chapter, excellent job! The level design was crazy smart, I noticed how you can see previous parts of the map when you are further ahead, and it boggled my mind how much progression I felt but still could see the starting laundromat or the street from an apartment. Clutter could be found in every corner, and everything placed was done so with great care. Ammo/resin drops are all cleverly placed, and some required a physics puzzle, which is always something I enjoy. Keep up the good work, I can only imagine how much planning had to have happened to achieve something this amazing!
Maroi Sep 19 @ 6:43pm 
Fan-fucking-tastic. So well done. Gun to my head, if I didn't already know that this was a mod; I wouldn't be able to tell the difference from any other Alyx mission. Above and beyond even the Valve level design standards. Just pissed I let my buddy talk me out of bringing the key through the whole level.
blacksun Sep 16 @ 7:10pm 
Well done. Same feel and quality as HL:A campaign.
Miknute Sep 13 @ 9:10am 
Excellent game design, a bit short but very sweet. An absolute must play!
ярик гей Aug 24 @ 12:11pm 
Great Job!
☆PuzzleBox☆ Aug 24 @ 11:28am 
Overkey Got me fucked up lmao
pelisaari Aug 22 @ 6:41am 
Great job man, Valve should hire you!