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Kavan's Missions and Shops
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May 20, 2020 @ 9:48am
Aug 17, 2021 @ 7:55am
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Kavan's Missions and Shops



This mod adds missions to the game 15 at the moment that will reward you with Items and Goldcoins.
The Goldcoins can be spend in the shop that gets added with the mod.
You can also get Goldcoins by trading item in for them in the exchange shop.
The Shop and the Goldcoin exchange is totaly customizable.
Loot boxes, Dino Spawners and Baby/Egg Spawners can be created and added to the shop.
There is also a system that allows you to make missions and set rewards for completing them.
Players are able to trade Goldcoins.
Has a litte game were players can spend there Goldcoins to win prizes. This is fully customizable. You need to at least create 18 differenct prizes for the game to work.

All the menus and shops are opend from your inventory.
All customization options are admin only on servers.

How to customize the Shops:

How to edit and add items to the Shop
How to edit and add items to the Exchange Shop
How to add loot boxes to the shop
Change mission reward quality in GUS


admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/KsMissions/Items/PrimalItem_Goldcoin.PrimalItem_Goldcoin'" 1 1 0

Item to reset mission progress:
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/KsMissions/Items/PrimalItemResetMissions.PrimalItemResetMissions'" 1 1 0


Goldcoinsovertime= ( the amount of Goldcoins players get every 30 min )
DisableMissions= ( true or false if true will disable missions )
BuffIconColor= ( 0 Green, 1 Light Blue, 2 Dark Blue, 3 Orange, 4 Red, 5 Yellow, 6 Pink, 7 Turquoise, 8 will hide the buff icon )
UseCustomWelcomeScreen= / True or False )
WelcomeHeader= ( Put the header for the welcome message here )
WelcomeMessage= ( Put your welcome message here )
UseCustomSaveDir= ( True or False )
CustomSaveDIr= ( Put your custom SaveDIr path here. Use ../ to move one folder level up. )
PVPGoldcoinGain= True Enables that players will get a % of the Goldcoins of the players they kill.
PVPGoldLossPercent= Enter Whole numbers from 1 to 100 this will set how mutch % of Gold is transfered after a kill.
PVPKillCountsDelay= Enter a delay in secounds for how long after a player "A" last damaged player "B" and player "B" kills him seelf or gets killed by wild dinos and kill sill counts for player "A"
PVPDisableKillFeed= True Disables the messages at the players screens after pvp kills.
UseCustomInfoScreen= ( If true opening the info menu will bring up an Ui with the Welcome message set in
the gus and the buttons to select the mod lang and a Discord button )
DiscordLink= ( you can put a link to an discord here if the player then clikcs the button
the link will get opened in the steam browser )
SpawnedMissionDinosDontLeaveCorpse= ( If true spawned mission dinos will not leave a corps that players can harvest )
GoldcoinInterval= ( With this you can change the interval at witch players get Goldcoins over time put it in as secounds )

File names

Files were all the changes you make are saved


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Tobi 9 hours ago 
server crash when add gold coin with admin menu, anyone get same problem?
[̲̅Z][̲̅i][̲̅k] Aug 10 @ 12:37pm 

You also the "Spawner with Saddle" option does not work? However on the image the saddle is there.
If anyone has succeeded I'm curious to know how please :)
Gardor Jul 31 @ 8:46am 
An other issue for kill missions if target dino are kill by wild dino they can success mission.
Gardor Jul 31 @ 1:44am 
Does it possible to add a range to dino level kill missions ?

When you make kill mission with spawn dinos, no problem. But if you set don't spawn players have to find them and the good level.

For exemple, if players kill a dodo 120 and mission is set lvl 100, its not ok.
123 Jul 28 @ 4:25am 
@onion ring: yes, my server has the same problem, can't turn off the transfer of coins
123 Jul 28 @ 4:24am 
@khíanth The cause of the server crash is that players transfer points to each other, but I can't turn it off
How do I reset kits ?
I transfer coins without problems
Sp_ce Jul 17 @ 12:21pm 
Since the latest update it seems that transferring coins crashes the server immediately.
(true or false if true will disable missions)
when I type true it will not disable mossions
it still retains the missions