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Kavan's Missions and Shops
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May 20 @ 9:48am
Oct 18 @ 9:23am
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Kavan's Missions and Shops


This mod adds mission to the game 15 at the moment that will reward you with Items and Goldcoins.
The Goldcoins can be spend in the shop.
You can also get Goldcoins by trading item in for them.
The Shop and the Goldcoin exchange is totaly customizable and you can even make Loot Boxes and Dino Spawners that then can be bought from the shop.
There is also a system that allows you to make missions and set rewards for completing them.
You can also create Spawners with Baby dinos or eggs and add them to the shop.
Players are able to trade Goldcoins. ( Click the Goldcoin Icon in the inventory )

All the menus and shops are opend from your inventory.

There are 55 Loot Boxes you can customize and add to the shop.
There are 55 Dino Spawner you can customize and add to the shop.

How to customize the Shops:

How to edit and add items to the Shop
How to edit and add items to the Exchange Shop
How to add loot boxes to the shop
How to setup the Dino spawners
Change mission reward quality in GUS


admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/KsMissions/Items/PrimalItem_Goldcoin.PrimalItem_Goldcoin'" 1 1 0

Item to reset mission progress:
admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/KsMissions/Items/PrimalItemResetMissions.PrimalItemResetMissions'" 1 1 0


Goldcoinsovertime= ( the amount of Goldcoins players get every 30 min )
DisableMissions= ( true or false if true will disable missions )
BuffIconColor= ( 0 Green, 1 Light Blue, 2 Dark Blue, 3 Orange, 4 Red, 5 Yellow, 6 Pink, 7 Turquoise, 8 will hide the buff icon )
UseCustomWelcomeScreen= / True or False )
WelcomeHeader= ( Put the header for the welcome message here )
WelcomeMassage= ( Put your welcome message here )
UseCustomSaveDir= ( True or False )
CustomSaveDIr= ( Put your custom SaveDIr path here. Use ../ to move one folder level up. )
PVPGoldcoinGain= True Enables that players will get a % of the Goldcoins of the players they kill.
PVPGoldLossPercent= Enter Whole numbers from 1 to 100 this will set how mutch % of Gold is transfered after a kill.
PVPKillCountsDelay= Enter a delay in secounds for how long after a player "A" last damaged player "B" and player "B" kills him seelf or gets killed by wild dinos and kill sill counts for player "A"
PVPDisableKillFeed= True Disables the messages at the players screens after pvp kills.

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Files were all the changes you make are saved


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Sep 30 @ 5:55am
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Oct 18 @ 9:29pm
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TyrantLyzardKyng 3 hours ago 
Forgot.... found a bug (possibly?) I did a test mission of setting 5 trikes to spawn at my base to be killed. Problem is my turrets took them out quickly so the 5th kill didn't register. Stayed at 4/5 Dinos killed. Is it possible the mod didn't update quick enough to see all 5 were dead? Was wondering because not sure if killing all of X dino in the future at once (say with a rocket launcher) would cause this to bug out or if it doesn't register some turret kills?
TyrantLyzardKyng 3 hours ago 
I love this mod! Makes SP more interesting. But question... any way you can make it so loot box rewards could be more random (like letting us list x different possible rewards and a box could contain 1-2 of them randomly? And any way to make it so a mission could reward you with a cryo-podded dino (possibly of a certain sex, color & level)? Finally, is there a way to share missions lists, rewards & shop additions we have added to make it easier for others to use?
tazmania1989 Oct 20 @ 11:51am 
add escorte missions so all dinos whant to kill that particular dino till he or she gets to the rendervous point :)
tazmania1989 Oct 20 @ 11:03am 
can you add that if we whant to make a ground mission excluding all flyers for that mission like example i whant the mission to be done only with poison pike or only with crossbow ect... can you add this option that forces the player to do the mission without the flyers for thoses type or force them to use only a pick axe for others ?? also make possible for building mission and boss missions also maybe have farming missions ??? please see what you can do for the first 2 requests then maybe add the others okey thank you have a great day dev !
Deodre Oct 18 @ 10:39pm 
Thanks for the updates! now is more awesome than before!
DuMei Oct 18 @ 12:10pm 
Hey Kavan, Wir haben eine Lootbox erstellt, das Problem ist nur das Mitspieler die keine Admin Commands haben dieses nicht Kaufen können. In der Lootbox sind Modded Items, haben den gfi Command benutzt. Sie können die Box kaufen und auch benutzen aber bekommen die Items nicht. Hast du eine Idee? Und Super das man Locations hinzufügen kann!
KAVAN  [author] Oct 18 @ 9:25am 

- You can now set a fixed location for Kill and Tame missions.
- You can now Enable that Players get a percentage of the Goldcoins from PVP kills.
- Added 4 new INI options.
LAZARUS Oct 16 @ 4:45am 
Hi Guys, how do you create a kill mission? When I save and add to list it doesnt appear there?
tazmania1989 Oct 15 @ 6:19am 
how do we make kill missions ??
tazmania1989 Oct 14 @ 6:30pm 
add mission like build a hous give 10 000 coins build a complex give 100 000 coins kill 13 rex in 10 mins 10 000 coins stuff like this add more missions its so very cool man