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Portal 2

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Test Track B
A collection of test chambers I made Using BEE2 and Portal 2's editor. Has an almost nonexistent plot, generic voice lines, and some novice maps I made in Hammer. Will write a solution manual for those who are stuck, feedbaack is much appreciated. If you like any tests, I'll make a bonus, more challenging version of them. Tests are either straightforward or confusing, this requires quite a bit of out-of-the-box thinking at times.


If this gets enough people I will actually take the time to create longer and more interesting levels in Hammer

UPDATE 9/10/2020

I started on a map in Hammer that is hopefully better put together than the previous ones. After seeing HCC's Concept Map, I got some ideas and got to work
Items (20)
Wake Up And Smell The Ashes (1)
Created by thegreensteem
Literally the third Hammer Map I made, so it's about as far away from spectacular as possible. If you're stuck on this one, well......
Cube And Button-Based Testing (2)
Created by thegreensteem
Even if you know how to manipulate the elements most integral to society, it's always good to have a refresher...
The Yellow Button (3)
Created by thegreensteem
what does it do?...
The Red Cube (4)
Created by thegreensteem
it does stuff...
Turretbusters (5)
Created by thegreensteem
who ya gonna call?...
Cubetris (6)
Created by thegreensteem
You are the subject who arranges the cubes because the exit is too high if the solution still cofuses you, arrange the cubes in such a way so you can jump onto them and reach the exit...
Quick Interruption (7)
Created by thegreensteem
I should have spent more time on this one, but I think it's good for my (very) novice skills. Make sure your computer display is bright, because this is a dimly lit level....
Eat or Have Your Cake (8)
Created by thegreensteem
interesting ways to use new fizzler technology...
Full Send (9)
Created by thegreensteem
lazers can do cool stuff now...
The Hall Problem (10)
Created by thegreensteem
Professional Standards (12)
Created by thegreensteem
You would know if you played Portal Pro...
Anti-Break Room (13)
Created by thegreensteem
An introduction to the importance of staying alert....
The Palace of Turrets (14)
Created by thegreensteem
this one is probably the hardest level in the game, you'll need fast reflexes if you want to beat it...
Point (15)
Created by thegreensteem
combining the two things that should be combined...
Figure 8 (16)
Created by thegreensteem
you have 17 and 18 to do, then 19...
Piloting a Blimp (17)
Created by thegreensteem
The ending of Test 18 form Portal 1 but it's cooler...
Pentultimatum (18)
Created by thegreensteem
the cake is baking in the oven...
...And Then There Will Be Cake (19)
Created by thegreensteem
I did it in 6 minutes, and I know how to solve it. You have 7. Ideally, only one thing is really new, but not really, and considering that you (ideally) went through all my silly tests, by the time you get to the really hard part you'll have plenty of time...
The Hall Problem Advanced (10A)
Created by thegreensteem
The first "Advanced" level, where I make things a bit more challenging. Normally, I would probably just add some turrets or something, but this was so easy that I had to add more things to it in order to make it harder....