Fresh Produce Garage Door
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Mar 30, 2020 @ 7:22pm
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Sunshine Valley! The number one name in fresh, highly-hormonal fruits and vegetables! Our staff at Zenilabs Food and Science Division have found the perfect balance between Mother Nature and small, *nonlethal doses of radiation and experimental fertilizers to give you the most vibrant, delicious, and long-lasting produce ever!

Zenilabs: Growth through Innovation!

*In controlled double-blind lab studies. Statement is not a guarantee.

Okay, so I made another garage door because I like making garage doors. I also made this logo and loosely based it on a logo of a company in my area. Made everything but the vegetables (because I'm not going to paint vegetables that good) from scratch. Vegetables are purchased and licensed clipart that I combined into a pile and ran through some filters and then turned into vector art (and now look nothing like the photo-realistic versions they were but hey). Otherwise it's all me (as you can see by the screenshot showing about half of the layers it took to make this logo in Photoshop).