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Shadows Player Dancers
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Shadows Player Dancers

MOD ID: 2036719585 (player_dancer.pak)
Version 1.2.0


Ever get tired of having to rely on a thrall entertainer? Ever think a players dance should be just as good, if not better, than a thrall entertainers?
Ever want to use a bandage on your friend instead of dropping it on the ground for them to pick up and use themselves?

Well be at ease, for that has changed! Welcome to a world where player dances provide the same effects as thrall entertainers, and players can apply bandages to other players, plus more!
DISCLAIMER: The buffs do not affect the player dancing.

Admin Menu (Shift + L)

Player Dances:
Dance - Snake == small health regen (same as entertainer).
Dance - Belly == corruption removal (same as entertainer).
Dance - War == small vitality buff, small grit buff (same as potions).
Dance - Khitan == small accuracy buff (same as potion).
Dance - Cimmerian == small strength buff (same as potion).
Dance - Aquilonian == small agility buff (same as potion).

Players ability to apply bandages to OTHER PLAYERS via the radial menu. That's right, hold [E] on another player, and if there is a bandage in your hotbar, you will get a bandage option to apply a bandage!
(You can also bandage thralls/pets now)

Thanks to:
Mrs. Dee for the artwork!
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TModano [GN]  [author] Nov 11 @ 3:33pm 
Also posted a mod discord I will be using.
TModano [GN]  [author] Nov 11 @ 3:27pm 
Yes you can disable the dancer part and keep bandaging on.
brybryperry Nov 11 @ 1:59pm 
Can this mod just be used for the player bandaging? And do you have a discord
Atrious Nov 11 @ 1:32pm 
I can try turning that option off then back on again.
TModano [GN]  [author] Nov 11 @ 3:56am 
Were you trying on yourself, as in you dancing and trying to heal yourself? Cause there is a dancer can buff self option needs turned on.
Also, this shouldn't matter where it is in the load order, it doesnt mess with any funcom BP directly.
Atrious Nov 10 @ 10:22pm 
Is there a specific mod order that this should be in or mods that may be incompatible?
Finallry got it working (learing all the emotes at the same time as these recipes causes a CTD)

After getting it to work, it appears that health regen and corruption removal don't work.
Not sure what's going on there.
Atrious Nov 8 @ 10:59am 
For more info, this was on a dedicated server
Atrious Nov 8 @ 10:56am 
Menu is under shift L
Bugs to report:
Doesn't appear to assign to loot table when box is check, even at default drop rate of 100%
Spawned in scrolls (Apparently missing in world) and learned dance and emotes and scrolls. Tried to use one of the dances and encountered a fatal error crash to desktop.
TModano [GN]  [author] Nov 8 @ 4:22am 
Yea I was thinking about that actually. I'll certainly look into it. For now, it should be shift-p fpr my admin menu.
Atrious Nov 8 @ 12:02am 
Just as I was looking to find the command to access the command menu
Any chance of incorporating it into the mod control panel mod?