Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Mod Compatibility Checker

Helps track down mod incompatibilities.
Regular updates for Sunset Harbor! This mod scans your subscriptions to find potential incompatibilities, missing dependencies and other issues that you should probably be aware of.

Current database contains 1,100+ mods, detailing 10,300+ compatibility vectors!
The final batch of 500 mods is now being processed.

I've named it "Mod Compatibility Checker" as that's all it does in this early version. Later I want to make it semi-automatically repair any problems it finds, hence it's internal name of "Auto Repair".

Note: Currently it can't identify mods stored in offline folders, it can only identify online mods from workshop. I'm pondering ways to provide offline support in future update.

How to use it
1. Subscribe the mod (green button above)
2. Launch the game (select "Play" on the Paradox Launcher app)
3. From Main Menu, go to Content Manager > Mods
4. Find and enable "Auto Repair" mod (if it's not there, see troubleshooting guide[])
5. Click the Options button and copy the log file path in to Explorer / Finder to view the file.

The report will be generated each time the game starts or whenever an option is changed. Hopefully it will help some of you get your game up and running again. I'll be updating the mod to add much more data over the next few weeks so check the log file every few days.

Mac users
Due to difficulties creating custom log files on Mac, I'm just dumping the report in to your Player.log file. You can search "AutoRepair Descriptors" to quickly find the start of the report in the file.

Log File Viewers
If you're struggling to read the report due to lack of line breaks, it's probably due to the text editor you use (including Notepad on older versions of Windows). Try one of these apps[] instead.

Alternatively, you can use a log file viewer app such as CMtrace[], SMStrace, OneTrace[], or similar apps. Enable the 'Include tags for log viewer apps' option in the mod settings to help the viewer highlight important entries with errors or warnings.

Reporting issues
If you spot any wrong info in the log, or need to update the descriptors after an update, just comment below or, better, create an issue on github[]

Request changes via issues is preferable to a pull request at moment as I'm doing regular refactorings and merge conflicts would just clog up real quick.

Mod Developers

I'm in most of the Discord groups so `@` me if you need your mod details updating - I can usually push changes to workshop within a couple of minutes of seeing your message.

If you need to track down issues with duplicate assemblies or rogue versions of `0Harmony.dll`, try my Duplicate Assembly Scanner mod (it's log file also lists MD5 hash of all Harmony dlls so you can see if there's two the same version that have different code).

  • The whole modding community for their awesome mods and sharing source code.
  • Boformer for his modding tutorials which I think is where almost every modder got started!
  • Krzychu who did initial version of mod checker in TM:PE, which forms the basis for a lot of the ideas in this mod
  • Dymanoid for his sage advice and god-tier knowledge of C#.
  • BloodyPenguin for pointing me at some code I would never have found otherwise.
  • AquilaSol and Avanya for maintaining the google sheet of known broken/incompatible mods
  • Tim, NOiZE, algernon, and many others, who contributed additional info and corrections!
  • pcfantasy, Zenya, Klyte45, keallu and many other modders who verified compatibility vecors with thier mods
  • stmSantana who provided a huge list of mods and spreadsheet for me to check for missing listings
  • Finwickle who provided a list of broken/obsolete mods from 2015 to 2019
  • Everyone in the comments who provided bug reports, corrections, updated info and other useful feedback!
Let me know if you run in to any problems or have any suggestions.

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Sep 21 @ 9:53am
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memory.of.a.dream 10 minutes ago 
how do I read the logs? they're completely incomprehensible. A single line of text with no structure and no separation.
This mod is f*****g brilliant, I don't know how how this mod is even possible with all the other mods out there.
Max200012 Sep 21 @ 3:43am 
amazing mod
Hawke Sep 20 @ 12:13pm 
Absolutely INVALUABLE tool! A must have. Favourited and gave Extra Helpful reward. Thanks bro! No more broken mods for me, all my necessary mods work 100% again.
kezza596 Sep 3 @ 1:00pm 

I've spent hours wondering why my game CTD's when trying to get to menu and other such baffling issues - this mod pointed directly to one outdated dependency mod I never would have even considered was causing issues.

Absolute must have.
Beaker-MeepMeep Aug 31 @ 11:14pm 
Straight up this is a must have mod!

Spend the time time to get into the log and clean up dead mods and replace incompatible mods with compatible mods. My game runs faster, no more crashing and I now have the latest version of mods with minimal effort.

Fantastic mod! Well done dev! :steamhappy:
Allystrya Aug 22 @ 8:10pm 
@rune1993 - Yes you can make it so that it shows that way..... You need to go to the options for Auto Repair in the Main Menu before you launch a map. You see the option "Include URLs to Steam Workshop pages (if known)"
Check the box beside it, exit to desktop and relaunch.....

You can always also just change the URL of whatever workshop page your on as well by plugging in the mod ID # that is there for you to see as well: Example: This Mods URL is

The Mod ID is those numbers at the end after the = sign, just change it in your browser to the other mods ID# press enter on your keyboard....
rune1993 Aug 22 @ 11:26am 
Just letting you know this crashed my game the moment i went into its options everything stopped responding could not click anything nothing the animation that goes on in the back was going on but thats it. the log for your mod also tells me i got a mod called RM Crossings 3.0 and that i have 2 of it and is incompatible with RM Crossings 3.0 i looked i do not have it and can not find it in the workshop either so i dont even know what mod it is shame you could not make it so any mod it lists had a link to it.
Disclosure Aug 19 @ 10:23pm 
Broken assets:

Custom Assets: Duplicate prefab name
Custom Assets: Duplicate prefab name [BrokenAssetException]

No details
Quadriga Aug 19 @ 7:25am 
[ID: 427258853] "Pedestrian Crossings" and [ID: 1934023593] "RM Crossings 3.0 " are listed as incompatible. They both work fine for me. Could it be that the recent update of [ID: 427258853] "Pedestrian Crossings" (Author on Aug. 2: I've just pushed a new version that re-enables the Harmony-based implementation) fixed the incompatibility?