Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Stop it slender
Stop it slender
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Stop it, Slender!
Created by Necrossin
Current workshop version: 03.12.2016
Also, read the 'Maps' section before downloading!

A joke gamemode that was done in under a week.
Features coop/versus mode.

For dedicated serv...
Slender Forest
Created by MontE
The Steam workshop download (This one) has just the night version, but the Gamebanana link has both the night version and the day version.

- Slender Forest (Regular map)

- Slender Forest Day (Suggested by Kanda Sorata)

Created by Clavus
Old zombie survival map. Cramped corridors and a dense fog will make you look over your shoulder more often than not.

Also used in the Stop It, Slender gamemode....
Created by Mr. Darkness
The dark version of Outland with woods instead of flatgrass.
Don't get lost!

This map is created for "Stop it, Slender!", OFFICAL map of Mr. Green community.
The videos presented show 1 - Outdated version of the map and 2 - Original version of the map...
Created by Pufulet
  • Counter-Strike: Source Game
  • Stop it, Slender Mod
A small bu...
Created by Stelk

Basically this is zs_infirmary but extended and converted for Stop It, Slender! gamemode.

NOTE: Counter-Strike: Source is required for textures and models.

The map is ...
Slender Ravine
Created by Zet0r
This map is Stop it, Slender! ready!

Map created entirely by Stelk
Only modified by Zet0r for Stop it, Slender!
Created by Resi ♥
Zombie Survival
Stop it Slender

Can the humans survive the zombie apocalypse in this once beautiful old mansion?
The classic ZS house map reinvented. Includes a basement 2 attics and many rooms. Every part of the map has been carefu...
Created by Solidus
A small map designed for Trouble in Terrorist Town. Inside, there is a single circuit breaker that disables lighting for a few seconds for traitors only.
de_school & de_school2
Created by ArachnitCZ
By: Dosia36 (D36)

If you have trouble finding the map try this (thanks to LJJ_719 [LJ]):

If you have Prop Hunt installed it won't be in th...
[gmodstore] Liko » MOTD / Escape » [Resources]
Created by def

This workshop contains the resources utilized in the script Liko which may include materials, fonts, or sounds. This script is available for purchase on [url=https://...
Custom ULX Commands
-- Original CULX Created by;u=6288 --

This is a updated and optimised version of Custom ULX Commands, we make sure it runns as best as possible and also complies to any Gmod Rule changes like the ope...
Unstuck Command
If you're stuck in a player, an entity, or something else,
you can use this command to get free!

How does it work?

Type in !unstuck and press enter. That's it!
It will teleport y...