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The Rightful Heiress
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Mar 13, 2020 @ 12:18pm
Dec 7, 2020 @ 9:43am
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The Rightful Heiress


Disgusted by the line of suitors claiming to be an improvement to her station in life, the Heiress returned to the cursed family estate with a fire for battle despite her own inexperience. Fortified by wine, she seeks to wade into the nightmare despite the hopelessness of the undertaking.


Heiress is a more offensive version of The Rightful Heir, boasting decent damage and mark proficiency, with few support abilities, while still having a signature ability of heir to collect and store more heirlooms while in a dungeon. Heirloom bonuses increase with the amount of heiresses in the party, and does not conflict with heir's ability, if you run both of them in same party.

~~~~~~~~~~Combat Skills


ooox xooo
Normal damage and ACC. Bonus DMG and ACC vs. Marked


ooxx xxo-o
Mediocre damage. Debuff targets' dodge

Wine Toss

ooox xooo
Small damage. Applies small blight to a target

Wine Share

ooxx oooo
Heals self and a single party member

Bottle Bash

xxoo ooox
Mediocre damage. Applies tiny bleed and blight to a target


ooxx oooo
No damage, high ACC. Marks target and debuffs their crit chance


ooox oooo
Gives target small stress heal and resolve XP boost. On higher levels grants additional combat buffs.

~~~~~~~~~~Camping Skills

Besides 3 shared camping skills, heiress has 4 unique camping skills:


Respite Cost: 1
Produces a random supply item.


Respite Cost: 4
Variety of combat buff to whole party
Chance to stress self


Respite Cost: 4
-Stress and +stress resist to whole party


Respite Cost: 3
Prevents Nighttime Ambush
Debuffs heiress for - SPD


Questionable Modification (Common)

+10% Ranged DMG
+5% Ranged CRIT
-8% Ranged ACC

Opera Glasses (Common)

+3% CRIT
-6 Dodge
+10% Scouting Chance

Fancy Bottles (Uncommon)

-60% Blight Chance
+30% Bleed Chance
-2 SPD
On Melee Skill: Stun target (120% base)

Lipstick (Rare)

+20% Debuff Chance
+15% Stress Healing Received
+15% Debuff Resist

Court Dress (Rare)

+15% Dodge
+3% Crit Received Chance
-2 SPD

Experimental Pepperbox (Very Rare)

+20% DMG
-15% ACC
Disables Wine Share, Have a taste! and Bottle Bash
On Miss: Enemy Party: Take 5 damage

Salacious Shunga (Sunward Isles)

-12 Dodge
On Friendly Skill: Buff self: +20% DMG, +5% CRIT
On Attack Hit: Buff Self: +25% Healing skills, Stress Healing Skills
(This trinket is only available if you're using The Sunward Isles mod on the same save

Sappho (Pet)

+20% chance enemy surprised
+100% food eaten
-10 ACC
on attack: self: activate riposte (2 turns)

Wanted Poster (CC)

+20% Debuff Skill Chance
+10% Dodge
-15% Chance Monsters Surprised

Bloodied Dagger (CC)

+15% DMG
+6% Crit
+10% Stress

CC set bonus:
+10% ACC

Touch of the Cosmos (Crystalline)

+10% DMG if Crest in inventory
+8% Dodge if Deed in inventory
+6% ACC if Bust in inventory
+5% CRIT if Portrait in inventory
-50% ACC if Gold in inventory

Otherworldly Tincture (Crystalline)

+10% Virtue Chance
On Friendly Skill: -5 Stress
On Friendly Skill: Self +4 Stress

If you'd like to help us out and translate the mod to another language, contact snorlaxxo either on Steam or Discord (Snorlaxxo#5067). Currently available translations:
German - made by Hexagoblin#2091
Simplified Chinese - made by NBB

Kaxen - Design, Art, Animation, Writing
Snorlaxxo - Gameplay Design, Code, Sounds
Valiant25#0990, TheGreenDigi#8672 - Playtesting
Adon - Sunward Isles trinket art
Anonymous Koala - Help with animations

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davidb11 Jul 8 @ 12:39pm 
To cause that much blood loss, he must have been happy to see her. :P Otherwise, it's only a minor bleed.
Prince Of Wishes Jul 8 @ 12:35pm 

This girl is crazy, gotta try her out
davidb11 May 8 @ 11:23pm 
Hehe. THat was a good name for the cat for certain. :)
i like that you named the cat Sappho :}
CaptainSnafu Mar 2 @ 7:09am 
love the comic, stab in the balls
マキマ本マ May 16, 2021 @ 6:51am 
a funny character
Skaven.Yes.Yes Feb 12, 2021 @ 8:00am 
good job
GrimRose0 Dec 30, 2020 @ 9:45pm 
Also, most of the time, pets negate their food consumption as an extra stat, so there is almost no point in getting pet food 80% of the time.
GrimRose0 Dec 30, 2020 @ 9:41pm 
I think the Pet Food is not specific to the pets, it is a general use for food reduction. Though I could be wrong there.

Considering it's a activate respite on any attack, that's a lot of uses. Especially with other mods, X2 food consumption is a pretty good deal. There are also some diseases and Traits that -100% food consumption. And while yes it is hard to get them, point being, there are solutions to it beyond pet food.

And the -10 ACC can be fixed with both trinkets and buffs, so that's not really a problem.

Overall, this makes the Heiress extremely good when mixed up with hard hitting members like the highwayman and the crusader. Not to forget the Musketeer or the Bounty hunter.

When using the Heiress, it's all about the team she is with. On her own, yeah -10acc is kinda harsh, but realistically, in darkest dungeon, when does anything of good value NOT come at a brutal cost.
Svyatoslav28 Dec 10, 2020 @ 7:10am 
Yes, i know that, but this pets aren't part of "Pets to trinkets" mod, so trinkets from this mod can't reduce food penalty, and even pets mod trinkets feature from 20 to 50 food penalty, unlike this pets.