XPOINT Tools - Large Wood Box
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Mar 2, 2020 @ 3:18am
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For test in game:
/wskin box.wooden.large 2012098446 - 01 Weapons Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2012101320 - 02 Ammo Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2012102778 - 03 Tool Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2017867878 - 04 Components Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2017869441 - 05 Medical Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2017871892 - 06 Misс Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2023770995 - 07 Clothes Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2023776102 - 08 Armors Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2023777609 - 09 Foods Box
/wskin box.wooden.large 2023780547 - 10 Electrical Box

Hello Again
After a lot of work, I present you the second version of Xpoint collection, despite the fact that my first work was ignored and not reviewed. I would really like that in the game could be to sort items more beautifully and conveniently in loot room. Some people told me that my first version has not been reviewed becouse development workers don't like Hi-Tech or SciFi style in Rust. After that I decided to do a new collection, such as I can do in my old workshop in garage, where the milling machine stands. I plan to lay out 3 boxes every week, maybe then I will have more chance to be approve. If I am not right, tell me please about this in my comments or in direct messages.

In some house that I raid, I noticed how one fool used a spin wheel to sign boxes. Below is real screenshot

I think any person is pleased to play and know where what can be found.
And everything is sorted by category.

When I thought about what categories to divide, I took into account my experience of the game, both in solo and in large teams. The most difficult category was "Resourse". It is too extensive to leave it whole, because in my house there was always a separate box with coal. (there was too much left, and it is an important component).Same is "ore" and "wood"