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2Fort Jungle
Other: Jungle
Game Mode: Capture The Flag
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Feb 19 @ 12:59pm
Feb 19 @ 1:53pm
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2Fort Jungle

Here it is, the long-awaited jungle themed version of 2Fort. It's sort of a sequel to Snowfort, though for this map I started entirely from scratch, using only the original 2Fort and Mercenary Park as references. Have fun!

This was quite an ambitious project, as I ended up being only 2 brushes away from the hard brush limit that Source enforces (8,192 brushes). Unfortunately this left almost no room for optimization, so hopefully performance isn't too bad.

(Warning: space ants may be encountered.)

To play this map, first subscribe, then type map workshop/2002050991 in the console, or download from TF2Maps (recommended):
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Jul 30 @ 11:38pm
servers for this
Jenna The Kitsune
Sep 5 @ 8:55pm
Any Servers Hosting ?
< >
Swarthy485 Sep 16 @ 1:34pm 
wats the server command to get in dis?
jungle inferno
Jack Trader Jul 31 @ 7:25am 
Welcome 2TheJungle
We've got no fun 'n' games!
We got everything you don't want
Children will call you names!
We are the people that can find
Whenever you will hide!
It's not that hard, buddy
Cause map is not that wide!

In 2jungle
Welcome 2TheJungle

Watch it bring to your base
phlo lo lo lo lo lo lo lo
gistonator, gistonator
I know that you will hate 'er
☆Hello, I am friend cat!☆ Jul 30 @ 11:38pm 
This looks awesome!
Me(atball) Jul 30 @ 11:25pm 
I love this, I love this so much.
Javi ☑ Jul 11 @ 4:26pm 
i like this more than the og
Profile Name Jul 8 @ 8:24am 
what is the map code?
ljwr1980 Jul 7 @ 11:26pm 
Rick may's statue should be added in this map with vines covering him. "Do not look at me, I am a soldier." Soldier will say if he was covered in vines. WOW!!! use of mapping I ever seen in my life. Keep up the great work and another thing: Heavy is ugly but not useless :steamsalty: :steamhappy:
USSLaffeyDD724 Jul 3 @ 8:39am 
This Is So Good Looking,
Valve Doesnt Even Deserve This Good Of A Retexture Of 2Fort
USSLaffeyDD724 Jul 3 @ 8:29am 



It is by far one of my favorite looking maps, and its 2Fort, which I do like