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2fort NeoCity
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Game Mode: Capture The Flag
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Feb 18 @ 6:51am
May 2 @ 11:45pm
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2fort NeoCity

2fort reskin that overhauls aesthetics, balance, and overall gameplay.

To turn off custom color correction, use console command mat_colorcorrection 0.

To use bots, use tf_bot_add [number], and set difficulty with tf_bot_difficulty [1 - 3] (without brackets). Engineer bots DO NOT WORK in CTF without mods, but the map/nav is designed for Engi bot nests in mind.

Best played with mat_specular 1 and mat_hdr_level 2

Gameplay changes from 2FORT:
- Huge geometry changes
- Eliminated getting "caught" on geometry and models // Smoothed all clipping
- The team's intelligence that was just capped will be "disabled" for pickup during the offending team's 10 second crit effect. This may have unintended bot AI effects for that duration.
- Primary spawns moved slightly closer to the action
- Primary spawns have a one-way door to the courtyard now
- Primary spawn doors have windows now
- New item packs placed, other item packs shifted
- Flaming barrels on the streets will light arrows
- Dropped intel will return after 30 seconds. After being dropped again, the timer will not completely reset.
- 30 minute timer added. If there's no winner by then, it is a draw.

Other major geometry changes not listed above:
- Center of the map is a death pit.
- The bridge is wider with more obstacles; The rooftop was removed for an unfinished flat overpass with the same width as default 2fort's map.
- Ramps added to connect sewer entrances to the front door areas
- Sewers are shorter now, and lack water.
- A room/alcove was added to the outsides of each entrance.
- A room was added to connect the sewer exit area to the "grate room".
- Intel was opened up a bit.
- Basement "rescue cabinet" room has been removed and replaced with a medium ammo pack.

Have fun and enjoy the easter eggs, gamers!

Discord: [MZ]Joseph?#6093

If you're having trouble finding the map on the list using Create Server, try putting this in console:
map workshop/2001057687

Or try this guide:

UPDATE 4/25/20: Updated the map to allow nav mesh to work on dedicated servers downloading from the workshop.
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J [MZ]  [author] Sep 10 @ 10:46am 
Thank you for the awards!
RetroSniper Sep 10 @ 3:08am 
I realy love this map to play vs bots. I usualy love to play on this map with Internet sushi(Partyhard2)- Party killer music
While using the map directly from the workshop it seems that there's still a lot of geometry to get caught on. There are lips of doorways that have hard corners to their collision which we get caught on and would need invisible collision shaped as triangles to let us slide by the doorway, there's a pipe in the wall by the exit of the sewer in red base which collision that I kept hitting, and there's sewer pipe grates on the wall in the sewer that have collision that I kept hitting as well.
Had it on a server for about half a day so far. Common complaints are a lack of health packs and the lack of water to jump into when you're on fire. It's being played with infinite rounds for team deathmatch with crits on cap.
Really cool, but everyone looks like they're on the red team when they're in the really red lights in front of the fort.
♥Xilekai♥ Aug 22 @ 10:22pm 
Can you upload this map to the SFM workshop? A direct download of this file doesn't load in SFM.
ljwr1980 Jul 7 @ 11:22pm 
Looks like Tokyo. I want this added in. It's more Neon and darker lighting instead of the 2fort we know.

🍊みかん Jul 7 @ 12:27pm 
Nice work!
NEMESIS Jun 25 @ 4:07am 
Hey thanks for the response! I love the map and now I guess I know what the creepy symbols mean
J [MZ]  [author] Jun 24 @ 6:18pm 
They don't do anything right now, other than the effects from touching or shooting them. The question mark is just my signature and a holdover from The Mystery Zone Youtube channel.