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Prei Khmaoch Luong is a tiny province in the middle of the South-East Asian peninsula.
Situated right on the borders between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, it has seen a fair share of armed conflicts.

Locals use the main river for transport and movement, so the roads are very poor. Major settlements are clustered around the river. There are many prebuilt fortified locations, from hilltop Vietnam war era firebases, to hidden guerilla camps with trenches deep in the jungle. Locals live almost entirely from fishing and rice farms.

RHSPKL is suitable for most kinds of jungle operations but is primarily designed as a close range infantry combat playground. The terrain has extremely dense detail levels, including micro-terrain and roads. There are no paved roads or urban settlements. Locals use ox-carts and water buffalo on the ground and stick to the river for trade.

The terrain is 8x8km and altitude varies from 0 to 400m.

Benchmarked for 1km object render distance, terrain topography and object placement density reflects this. There aren’t any locations where higher view distances would be beneficial so game settings should be adjusted accordingly.

Mods and DLC required: NONE

This is the arbitrarily named version 0.5.0 of the terrain which has previously been released as: PKL LEGACY VERSION

Old version is no longer supported since 2017.

# RELEASE 0.5.0: RHS: Prei Khmaoch Luong


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Red Hammer Studios is a group of dedicated modders, responsible for bringing top content to OFP and the Arma series of games since 2003.
RHS is an independent, non-profit, community based content creation group that strives to deliver the most authentic representation of the subjects within our focus.

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otro alfie 11 hours ago 
veteran player here 5k hours in two accounts and over 1400gb in mods hands down the best map on arma 3 nice work rhs team
XOF Cascadian Patriot Feb 14 @ 7:28pm 
Hey devs, dumb question, but is “Hill 220” supposed to be US controlled or NVA controlled?
mdrobison90 Feb 11 @ 11:08pm 
Holy crap, this is hands down the best map Ive ever seen in Arma. Its mind blowingly detailed, it actually has character and you can tell a lot of anal (lulz) love went into created it. just... the muddy roads... the fact that we actually have large, flat, open expanses of rice patties and detailed FOB's that actually make sense is such a breath of fresh air. Hands down 100/10. Bravo.
Blaze Feb 9 @ 3:50am 
When is this map based?
Tumbleweed Feb 6 @ 2:16pm 
Found my problem, I still had Extended Grass Mod in my active modlist, wich obviously is the incompatible mod.
Tumbleweed Feb 6 @ 5:57am 
I am getting a crash, with RHSPKL and my modlist as soon as I load it up in Eden. When I disable RHSPKL in my modlist and start another map in the Editor it is fine. The error report throws up 1000s of texture errors within the 2-3 seconds before the game crashes. Does anyone else have that problem?
Kisaragi4862 Feb 2 @ 5:52am 
Thank you for your reply.
I chose the RHSPKL add-on in the launcher, placed these buildings in PKL and exported the mission.
And loading the mod on the server and trying to open the mission failed to launch with these errors.
After removing these buildings in the editor, the PKL map was played without any problems.
I understand this is probably my problem, not yours. Thanks for taking the time :)
フᾰѕтяєв  [author] Feb 1 @ 6:14pm 
Check that RHSPKL is loaded when you play, those are not signatures but classes of buildings which you have probably placed in a mission editor and forgot to load mod? Anyways not our error.
Kisaragi4862 Feb 1 @ 4:38pm 
It seems that the signature of "Land_rhspkl_hut_01" ~ "Land_rhspkl_hut_08" cannot be found.
Does anyone have the same problem? Sorry for any known issues, or only me.
Pronto Feb 1 @ 2:10pm 
Enjoy using by myself, organised events on a server no good mainly due to low frames. Thanks to author for making the terrain.