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New Era Settler
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Jan 11 @ 9:59pm
Jan 21 @ 3:34pm
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New Era Settler

This mod slows the expansion of civilizations in early game by limiting Settlers. A free Settler is granted each time that civilization enters a new era. Alternatively, producing a Settler requires 10 population and costs 1000 production while reducing 5 population once completed. Settlers become Builders upon capture, preventing civilizations from expanding too quickly. AI is restricted to one starting Settler, unless set to Deity difficulty where it will receive another upon founding their Capitol. Compatible with Civilization VI (base game), Rise & Fall, and Gathering Storm. Other related mods:

Disable Religion Holy Site

Disable Rockband

Disable Spaceport

Open Civilization VI. From the menu go to Additional Content, then choose Mods. Left-click on the mod, and press the Enable button. Start a new game.
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Jan 21 @ 9:39am
Limit AI to one Settler at start, unless playing Deity difficulty level.
Das Capitolin
< >
vfs Jan 19 @ 10:00am 
Thx for ur job, want mod like this, to stop early expansion) go testing:steamhappy:
Raven_2012 Jan 17 @ 9:03pm 
Yeah the only time I usually play without mods, is if I jump into multiplayer. I haven't played without mods since maybe when base game came out years ago. But most of my mods are cosmetic and UI stuff anyways.
Das Capitolin  [author] Jan 17 @ 8:38pm 
Thanks for the support! I also use Real Strategy AI, and I agree, it likely modifies how Settlers are used. In mid to late game, AI finds every little crack to settle in. Like you said, loyalty eventually takes them, but not when you play vanilla Civ 6 (which I also test with).
Raven_2012 Jan 17 @ 6:32pm 
Well here is my mod list:

Maybe using Real Strategy changes the way the AI sets out it settlers.
Raven_2012 Jan 17 @ 6:17pm 
Yeah I disliked that in a later game AI would keep doing those settlers and then would just push this in a gap way in your borders. I mean in some way I don't mind it, loyalty I get them, but when they do it too much I don't like it. I only had one AI do that in my game now and did it once, which wasn't bad.

I never did that with ranged attacks and bombers, lol.

I think the movement is fine. I am not really having any encroaching issues, not like when I don't use the mod. I mean there is so much you can do, the AI will still do what it does, stupidly. I think to mod is at a good spot. I can't really see anything really needing change. I will see more in-depth with more games. I tend not to play Domination. The game I got now is Scotland and I am going to go for Science Victory.
Das Capitolin  [author] Jan 17 @ 4:20pm 
Thank you for the valuable feedback @Raven_2012. Prior to this mod, AI would keep building Settlers well into late game when there was nowhere to settle. If at war, I would capture them, and use them to get close to cities so I could complete ranged attacks (especially with bombers). With this mod, I still use them like that, but if the enemy captures them they will become a settler, which I can capture back and use.
Regarding this mod, I might consider limiting Settler movement to only 1 tile per turn. That would really slow them down, but also make it possible to block encroaching settlement more easily. What do you think of this idea?
Raven_2012 Jan 17 @ 7:38am 
Yeah agreed. I set it back to your settings. Yeah I was thinking about that later game when you still get settlers. I am probably going to delete them or put them to sleep.

I really do like the early game a lot though. I give this mod a 10 out 10 in my book.

I think the more games we play, we will get an understanding where things should be, like you said its Beta.

Too bad there couldn't be coding to say after a certain game Era, stop giving out those free settlers. I feel like Renaissance Era i might not need the free ones anymore, since I have enough production in a few cities to do them myself.

Well Thanks for doing this mod, greatly appreciate it.
Das Capitolin  [author] Jan 16 @ 8:49pm 
Keep in mind that this is the first (beta) release, so it's easy enough to tweak numbers for a subsequent release. I have played three games, and in all of them the era change brought more Settler's that I would have bothered to normally build. In late game, I could more easily produce them (except that all land was pretty well taken).
Raven_2012 Jan 16 @ 12:48pm 
Well doing another parallel game with the 8/4, it made no difference compared to 10/5. I am going to end up around the same amount of cities as I did in my other game. With 8/4 I still wasn't able to buy a settler until I was around 10 pop, because of the production cost. I mean I could of put one in queue but it would not be worth it. Maybe if I had a better first city where they are lots of hills and I put mines, I could of got one out, but I don't think so. Only way I see a 8/4 working is if production cost was down some. I am wondering if 800 production cost would be good for a 8/4 settler.
Raven_2012 Jan 16 @ 8:45am 
There was a few times I was thinking if producing a Settler required 8 pop and then reduced to 4, there might be a little bit more balance in the first two eras to maybe get me another city in there, or the AI could too.

I like the idea that you half your population from the required cost of 10. I think that would help Potato Settler mod, if they went 6 cost and reduced to 3, like I said below 6/3. But I find the 6/3 is too soon for a city in my taste. That is why I want to play with the idea of 8/4 and see how that plays out.

Maybe more players will give us more feedback on the 10/5. I want to see what they think.