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Pokemon: Alcremie Playermodel
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Dec 29, 2019 @ 12:59pm
Apr 11 @ 4:22am
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Pokemon: Alcremie Playermodel

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What's going on ? Im already back on the Workshop ?
Well yes, and in a very unexpected way, because for the end of the year I'm finally releasing my first 8th generation Pokémon. Take this like my FINAL gift for 2019.

Indeed today it's Alcremie's turn to be on the front of the stage!

This Pokémon is now available for Garry's Mod as a basic Playermodel and yes unfortunately this is the bad news this model is not an SPM or "Playermodel Special". This is because it is currently impossible to export the animations that are used in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
Of course it's not an SPM but that doesn't mean that this model is bad because I've made sure that Alcremie is perfectly optimized for Garry's Mod. Some animations coming from Garry's Mod have been specially adjusted or redone in some cases so that Alcremie is perfectly optimized and I've paid attention to every detail in this pack.

Now let's talk a little bit more about this Pokémon.
First of all, all Alcremie shapes are available in this pack, which means that you can become any shape in this Pokémon if you wish. There are a total of over 60 skins that are available in this Playermodel, plus an exclusive shape made by me. Alcremie is fully customizable! You can change the color of its mouth is eyes or the color of its body is cream.

Concerning the old features that are present since my previous addon. Of course you still have the possibility to change Alcremie's facial expression via the bodygroups menu and a v_hands model for the viewmodel (FPS view) is also available for Alcremie.
Since Alcremie is a Playermodel and not a Playermodel Special it means that NPC models are making a comeback through this pack as it is possible to spawn a Alcremie NPC in friendly or unfriendly version. As usual their number of HP depends on the number of HP in play.
Since the 10/16/20 this pack used the yunpol's textures now. So every models in this pack will have a very very nice visual quality.

In addition with these all features I will introduce for you now the Alcremie Gigamax Playermodel !
This last one is more like a technical demo and a test to know the limits of the source engine. This model is not at all optimized to perform any action. That's why I strongly recommend to servers who want to use this pack to apply restrictions on the use of this Playermodel. Obviously Alcremie Gigamax has the same features as Alcremie normal except the possibility to change its skin. Nevertheless you still have access to the modification of certain body parts and the modification of the facial expression as well as a custom v_hands for the viewmodel (FPS View). Basically this model was made to test and experiment with Garry's Mod.

To summarize this addon contains:
  • A Alcremie Playermodel.
  • A bodygroups system for Alcremie.
  • Custom hands model in the viewmodel for Acremie
  • A pack of 2 NPC models for Alcremie. (Friend and Enemy)
  • Over 60 skins are available for Alcremie.
  • A Alcremie Playermodel in the Gigamax form.
  • A bodygroups system for Giga Alcremie.
  • Custom hands model in the viewmodel for Giga Acremie.
  • A pack of 2 NPC models for Alcremie Gigamax. (Friend and Enemy)
  • A possibility to change Giga Alcremie to their Shiny form.
  • Some bonus stuff for the PAC3 users.

For more information on the addon:
If you find one or more bugs, please indicate it in the discussion [BUG REPORT] which is under the presentation page of this addon.
All the screenshots of this addon have been taken from the de_channels map and this map is only available on Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO. To launch it you must install CSGO to have it on your Garry's Mod.

Now I can say 2019 is really over for me. Once again this addon is a bonus addon. Don't get too used to this kind of surprise for the next few years. Because normally I was supposed to finish with Latias and Latios for 2019. I don't know if I'm going to reorganize this kind of event again at the end of the year, it all depends on my free time.
As usual I hope you liked this little pack when we meet again and this time it's true in 2020 for a new addon on Garry's Mod. I don't have anything else to add, everything has already been said in the description of Latios and Latias.
Thank you all for your comments and support.
Have a good holiday season and a happy new year 2020.

You like my content and want to support me financially read this:
You want to be more supportive? You can make me a small donation right here:
This donation will allow me to renew my computer equipment and improve my comfort in order to have an optimal environment to develop my other addons.

WARNING: I don't force anyone to do it, it's just a more advanced way to support me. By doing this it will not bring more benefit by downloading this addon.

-Nintendo and GameFreak (License, Model, Textures and sounds)
-Yunpol (Textures)
-InfinityHero99 (Beta Tester)

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