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ARK: Survival Evolved

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You need DLC to use this item.

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Map Version:
Map Name: TiamatPrime
Map ID: 1946280554

Detailed patchnotes are available on our discord!

!! ALPHA STAGE !! Keep in mind that the map is in the alpha stage. That means the map is unfinished and does not contain every dino and ressouce yet. Alpha stage also means that there can be changes everywhere and every time. To stay up to date you should join our discord. For joining our discord click the discord button below.

- The trees may load slowly atm. Just give the game a few minutes to load all new asstes. I recomend to launch the game with the startoption -usecache After a few starts this will speed up loading times, also if you join modded servers!

📜📔Tiamat Story📔📜
... after the survivors defeatet the earthdestroying kaiju the arks started returning back to earth and brought life back aswell. The dead landscape turned back to life, everything started becoming green again and also animals conquered areas back. Tiamat was one of the biggest and most important rescue missions bcause the gigantic waterark carried the most important and powerfull ressource on earth away. We all know already what element is and we discovered good and bad element and also the diffrent faces of element but where does it come from originally ??? The heart of TIAMAT is the origin of element in its purest and cleanest consistence. A ancient civilisation once discovered the power of the blue looking crystals and startet using it. Project TIAMAT is not only a ark, it was also a mission to rescue one of the most important historical legacys on earth and the key to activate the restoration process on planet earth.

🌏🗺🌏 MAP FACTS 🌏🗺🌏

Size: Around 65km² but it feels much larger
Theme: Water-Ark who returned back to planet earth
General Climate: medium to cold
Special: Waterareas getting alot of love !!
Important: This map is NOT more water than land! The map has a 50/50 balance and water areas have a special focus, but people who don´t like water can enjoy the map on land aswell. The whole design is diffrent from any other map.

🌲🌳🌴 Bioms 🌴🌳🌲
The list of the already known areas.
  • 100% Central Island :: Starterzone! Easy farming and less dangerous creatures.
  • 100% Fire Reef :: A colofull reef kissed by the colors of fire and the original home of the Megachelon.
  • 30% The Golden Belt of Atlas :: A mythical atumn forest wich is serounding the Atlas Mountains.
  • 30% Atlas Mountains :: Majestic and huge mountains with glaciers and icelakes.
  • 5% Wasteland :: Non-refertelized parts of land with hazards and desertlike vegetation.
  • The Lotus :: Asian Jungle with swamps and bog
  • 5% Ice Valley :: Grassland and Forest at the bottom of the huge glacier Atohallan
  • Chalk Hills :: Huge area wich is special for the terraced shapes and chalk formations.
  • Sequoia Forest :: A redwood like you never have seen before in ARK.
  • Coral Reef :: There will be multiple of those.
  • Challenger Trench :: A super deep trench with lots of diffrent dangers.
  • Challenger Caverns :: A massive cavesystem wich is only accessable through the water.
  • Underworld :: A massive cave with with multiple entrances.
  • The Core :: Thats a secret ;)

💥🌻💥 NEW Content 💥🌻💥

🦈🐼New Creatures🐼🦈
All the Creatures are just temporary on the map atm. There is a additional Mod in preparation which will add all the new creatures to the map and will make them transferable to other maps. If you tame the new creatures right now they might disappear later.
  • Big Panda
  • Equibu
  • Ice Salmon

🎣👗New Items👗🎣
  • Primitiv Scuba Blue Tang - Pants (reduce oxigen consumption)
  • Primitiv Scuba Blue Tang - Shirt (reduce oxigen consumption)
  • Primitiv Scuba Blue Tang - Gloves (reduce oxigen consumption)
  • Primitiv Scuba Blue Tang - Flippers (reduce oxigen consumption + increase swim speed)
  • Panda Chibi Skin
  • Big Panda Saddle

🍄🌲🍓New Ressources & Consumables🍓🌲🍄
  • Strawberry (+water)
  • Champignion (+food)
  • Red Seaweed (+oxygen)
  • Neurotoxin (+torpor)
  • Anemonium (debuff protection)
  • Jung Bamboo Leafs (Panda Taming)
  • [INACTIV for now] Diffrent Woods (Fir, Birch, Roxburghii, Bamboo)

[] []

DLC Requirement
Since Tiamat contains so much stuff from diffrent DLCs we had to make those DLCs a requirement to play our map. Without the DLCs you would miss a lot of stuff and the map becomes unplayable.
Any discussion around this topic won't get any attention and will be deletet. Thank you for understanding!

❤ ❤ ❤ Special Thanks ❤ ❤ ❤
A special super big thank you to all our moddingfriends and artists who help us making this map awsome!!
MyrcX, Shieldrunner, DragensRuvaak, Buttmann and more...
Also a special super big thank you to our patreon supporters for making so much new content possible !!
Patreon Nr.1 Prominents, The Sluglord🐌
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Serryn Mar 28 @ 8:23am 
Is the red seaweed currently turned off? My avatar moves as if he is harvesting it and the plant disappears, nothing appears in my inventory. I have tried it on servers, on sp and without any mods running at all and still do not harvest.
BCT Mar 4 @ 1:09pm 
in total what percent of the map is finished like is the map 30 percent finished in total or something like that
renie86 Mar 3 @ 6:12am 
While exploring the map, I somehow got stuck inside a castle type building with only 2 windows - neither of which I could get out... there was no way out but thank goodness I had a laptop with me and was able to upload all my stuff and character and "jump" out of the map without losing everything
Bulk Biceps Feb 16 @ 1:10pm 
@yuanbowen The map is not in a completed state yet but Evolanca is working on the next areas. Join the discord to stay up to date on the map progression.
DKJens Feb 16 @ 12:13pm 
Beautiful map, and you can see how much work went into it. You have made fine Evo.
yuanbowen Feb 15 @ 10:31pm 
Have you finished this map
Bulk Biceps Feb 14 @ 7:05am 
The entire center of the map is a giant bay while the outside land surrounds it. There are some small islands dotting the by as well but expect to be traveling alot by land or sea without flyers.
zardking8u Feb 13 @ 5:22pm 
question does this map have a lot of ocean between lands and the islands just curious to how it plays
Bulk Biceps Feb 11 @ 10:11am 
I'm running it on my cluster now heavily modded. Sounds like you have a bad download. Unsub, delete the mod folder and resub.
no, I removed all mods, it still crashes, what's the problem