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Nov 30, 2019 @ 3:13am
Nov 14, 2021 @ 10:15am
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The goal of this mod is to add recipes for existing objects that can not be crafted from something also "crafted"

!! More than 30 recipes implemented !!

Works well with LeatherCrafting :
Import recipes from bugged addon CraftingPlus :



- Plant Material + Plant Material => Rag x1
- Rope + (Ammo_SharpStick or Plant Material) => Sewing Kit x1
- StoneKnife + stoneKnife => Whetstone
- Small Stone x1 + Whetstone 10% => Nail x3
- Nails x70 + Paper => NailsBox
- Rag x2 + Sewing kit 10% => Bandage Dressing
- Sewing Kit (30%) + (Rag x6 or Burlap Strip x3 ) => BurlapSack
- Tanned leather + SewingKit 100% => Leather Sewing Kit
- Rag x 6 + Any Knife => Netting
- Any bag + Any Knife => Rag x6 + Tanned leather
- Any Jacket or Coat + any Knife => BurlapSack + Rag x6
- Short stick or Handle Tool + Metal wire = Hacksaw or Handsaw
- Tanned leather x4 + sticks x3 => medium tent
- Tanned leather x8 + sticks x5 => military tent
- military tent + military tent => car tent
- Metal wire or Barbed wire + pliers => 24 nails
- Metal sheets x2 + metal wire => barrel
- Netting x4 + plant material => camo net
- Stone + Handle Tool or Baseball Bat=> shovel, axe, sledgehammer, pickaxe, Hammer, Hatchet
- WoodenLog + Axe, Hatchet or HandSaw => Basebal Bat or Handle Tool
- Stone + Stone => Small Stone x 4
- Courier Bag or Fur Courier Bag + Leather Sewing Kit 100% => UtilityButtPack
- Burlap Backpack or FurBackPack + Leather Sewing Kit 100% => Assault Backpack
- Leather Backpack or Hunting Bag + Leather Sewing Kit 100% => , Coyote BackPack
- Burlap Backpack or Fur BackPack => Hunting Bag
- Assault Backpack + Leather Sewing Kit 100% => Tortilla BackPack
- Tortilla BackPack or Coyote BackPack + Leather Sewing Kit 100% => Alice Bag
- PlantMaterial + Courier Bag or Fur Courier Bag = >Garden lime (quantity: 100/5000)
- PlantMaterial + Garden lime => Fill Garden lime
- Garden lime (1000) + Any Pelt => Tanned leather
- Decraft Tents => Rag x6 + Tanned leather x2
- Decraft bags=> Rag x3 + Tanned leather x1
- Metal wire or barbed wire + Pipe => Pliers
- Pipe + Hammer or SledgeHammer => CrowBar
- Crowbar or Hacksaw or Pliers + Hescobox => Metalwire
- Fill Epoxy on Tree
- EpoxyPutty (50%) + Burlap stripx3 or Rags x6 => Duct tape
- Repair Rust car part with epoxy (90%)
- Car battery + Car Battery = Truck Battery
- Repair Action on Car Radiator with epoxy on hands
- Repair Action on vehicule battery with electronic repair kit
- CarDoor + saw = MetalPlate

Mod - Repair My Car
- Pipe + Any Canister => BlowTorch


This mod is required both client & server side.

Drag the @Plus200_Recipes folder into your servers directory where all your other mods are located.
Open the @Plus200_Recipes folder and locate the keys folder open that folder and copy the key inside of it into your servers key folder.
Add @Plus200_Recipes to your servers launch line :
> "DayZServer_x64.exe" -mod=F:\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZServer\!Workshop\@Plus200_Recipes;

- (BurlapSack ou tanned leather) + Sewing Kit 100%=> some shirt from here :
- BurlapSack + Leather Sewing Kit 100% => Holster, belt; gloves,
- Tanned leather + Leather Sewing Kit => clothes not already craftable : Leather clothes
- SewingKit (100%) + Rope=> Netting
- Furnitures craft (Table, sofa, chair, shelf etc.)

- Replace stone by metal (Iron?) ingredient for tools (will add dependency to the futur Plus200_Mining mod)
- Use action instead of Recipe for recipe with tool
- some recipes will need a machine (Vise, workbench, anvil etc.)

Feel free to put your ideas on comment


Support me : Thanks :)

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Jan 16 @ 8:00am
Stone + Stone = 1 small stone vs 4 small stones
< >
Oleg Apokalof Nov 13 @ 5:53am 
Hello, repairing a radiator with epoxy has a problem, the radiator is in the air and impossible to take it back.
Hugara Oct 21 @ 7:26am 
Most of it is still working.....!!!
BrandedGuts Oct 2 @ 12:10pm 
I know the mod is not maintained but is this working on the current version of Dayz?
Widar Sep 21 @ 12:06pm 
Hi, one of the best mods!!!!

can you please explain:
Crowbar or Hacksaw or Pliers + Hescobox => Metalwire

doesnt work for me, is there an certain Hescobox i must use the 3 tools?

Thx mate, you welcome!
Bleme  [author] Aug 19 @ 2:33am 
See license section of the description above. Note that this mod is not maintained anymore but you can get the source and do what the hell you want to
5treet Aug 9 @ 7:52am 
Can i use this mod on monetized server approved by bohemia interactive? THX
Mahipta Aug 9 @ 7:42am 
How do i go about getting permission to use this in my servers mod pack?
KaaoticOgreLord May 31 @ 11:46pm 

Also , In case no one has noticed, the author Bleme has stated that the mod is open to be used in any way and that he is NOT doing anything with the mod anymore, please don't bug him for fixes or features lol.

KaaoticOgreLord May 31 @ 11:41pm 
Hey guys I'm currently trying to find a modder to remake this mod , if and when I manage to find someone affordable or free I will post the link here for others that are interested in a fully working and revamped crafting mod
LeParrain Apr 27 @ 7:13am 
Hello, after doing several I confirm that I have identified a small problem on your mod.
The problem and the next, when you take epoxy to repair a door, at the end of the repair the door goes up in the air and it is impossible for the player to recover their doors or vehicle hood.
If I remove your mod I no longer have this problem.
assign an update for this issue.
Thanking you in advance for your work.