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Adds a large industrial and powered fermenting/processing machine.


Similar and based off the universal fermenter (separate code, so will NOT conflict), this mod provides a larger industrial based capability of processing precursor Worts or mashes into alcohol. It has a much larger capacity than regular fermentation vessels which makes the overall process much more space efficient.

The industrial fermenter is also a powered machine that has self-regulation for temperature. Though the fermentation ingredients do still have a chance to spoil if a machine remains unpowered for a length of time. In this case and where set to do so, the fermenter will then produce a spoiled product. The default spoiled mash set-up with the mod can then be used as an animal feed, or in the case of additional mods that support such, can be used in the process of making fertilizer as a composting material.

The mod also includes a medieval tech option of the Fermentation Vat which operates in a similar way to the Fermenter but is less space efficient and also more susceptible to poor fermentation temperature.

The mod also includes a rudimentary process of making Vinegar, which can be further used to pickle food related items and also provide other products through additional fermentation. (The PDF below explains the additional content).

Also included is the ability to make oils from plants through fermentation processes using solvents. These can then be used as cooking aids to reduce cooking times.

The fermenter is also extremely easy to add recipes to as a result of it using its own fermentation def to add additional recipe options.

Further details can be found in the following PDF: Fermenter Notes[1drv.ms]

Mod Notes

Safe to add to any save game, for removal you'd have to remove buildings and content from the game first.

Research projects added in own tab. Modded content may require their own research for activation.


In addition to vanilla beer:

Apothecary - Composting and adds the ability to make Absinthe. Can also make oils manually.
Dubs Bad Hygiene - Convert Fecal Sludge into Bio solids.
Fish Industry - can preserve fish meat from this mod.
Fishing Nets - can preserve fish meat from this mod.
Ghost Gear - will apply hexane if not loaded to be used as a solvent.
Medical Supplements - use of ethanol in precursor recipes.
Multiplayer - Native support.
RC2 - Core - Can make oils manually at quernstone and roller mill.
RC2 - Bottle and brewing expansion - valid fermentation recipes (needs mod research elements).
RFF - Composting with spoil mash
RF Fishing - can preserve fish meat from this mod
Smokeleaf Industry - cooking with oil, use of SI products in recipes.
Smokeleaf Industry - Reborn - cooking with oil/butter, use of SI products in recipes.
Seeds Please - native support for mod plants.
SYR Blueberries. - Blueberry wine
Thanks for all the fish - can preserve fish meat from this mod.
VG - Garden Tools - Composting with spoil mash.
VG - Garden Drinks - valid fermentation recipes (needs mod research elements).
VG - Garden Gourmet - can make oils manually at grindstone.
VCE - Fishing - can preserve fish from this mod.
VFE - Medieval - fermentation of wine but only at "normal quality".




Inspired by the Universal Fermenter by Kubouch
Fermenter graphics modified from a graphic by jabbamonkey (with permissions).

Chinese (Simplified) translation - HawnHan.

Pelador's Discord


(CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)
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Pelador  [author] 23 hours ago 

Chinese (simplified) Translation - HawnHan
RSHA Amt IV Dec 6 @ 2:09pm 
It's just that the term "stock" is generalized, so it’s not clear from the context that we are talking about finished products and not about raw materials.
Although it’s possible, only I don’t understand, because English is not my native language.
Anyway thanks for the clarification.
Pelador  [author] Dec 6 @ 10:16am 

I'm happy with the use of the term "stock": https://www.oxfordlearnersdictionaries.com/definition/english/stock_1
RSHA Amt IV Dec 6 @ 9:37am 
@Pelador thanks for the answer.
I think this button should then be called something like: "Total product limit" or something like that.
Pelador  [author] Dec 6 @ 8:35am 

Note that the machine will only attempt to pause either at the idle phase or at the filling stage with regards to stock limits. If the machine has started fermentation or after it will not at this point then stop that fermentation process.
Pelador  [author] Dec 6 @ 8:34am 

Stock limit refers to how much of the product you have in your base. It allows you to specify if you want to ideally stop production when you have accumulated a certain amount.

If it is greater than or equal to 100% of the stock then production will stop. It will also stop during the filling process if this amount has been reached and empty it again. This is to better control when stock reaches the limit amount but not completely do a new run if a pawn is still in the process of taking the last piece of product to a storage space. So these aren't indicators of the filled amount, that will be displayed in the production gizmo when it is at that stage.

If you want it to continue to produce indefinitely then you can set the stock limit to infinity.

If you need to reset the process, you can set the product back to none and then to product again, this should reset the machine.

You do need to toggle production "on" to start the machine.
RSHA Amt IV Dec 6 @ 8:16am 
What does "select stock limit" mean and how does it work?
I put 5000, filled at 97% but I can not start the process.
If i lower this indicator to 1000, then the filling increases to 381% but nothing happens.
How to start the process?
Toggle product does not work in any mode.
Pelador  [author] Dec 5 @ 7:42pm 

Compatibility upgrade for translation purposes with the use of Hexane and Ghost Gear.
Pelador  [author] Dec 5 @ 10:04am 

PDF Notes updated.
Pelador  [author] Dec 5 @ 10:00am 

Additional pickles: Fruits, Fungi and Vegetables.
Insect Butter.

Research project positioning - Proxyer.