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Red Storm'44

Welcome to Red Storm commander !

From the creator of Storm in the West'44 for Steel Division : Normandy 44, Red Storm is the new installment in the Storm mod series.

So what exactly is Red Storm? Well, it's a complete overhaul of the SD2 experience. It aims to be as close to reality as a game like SD2 could get, by changing a lot of core mechanics, all unit stats, economies, sounds and musics of the game.

The long-due manual for Red Storm'44 is now available to download here : This 71-pages guide will let you all there is to know about the mod's gameplay changes.

IMPORTANT NOTE : ALL DLCs are necessary to play Red Storm'44. It is sadly a situation caused by both Eugen policy and the extent of changes done to the base game. I apologize for that. However, if you'd be in need of the DLCs, contact me directly, I could help you in that regard.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2 : The Army General campaign from the last DLC (Blood Feud in Transylvania) IS NOT compatible with Red Storm'44. Try it if you want but expect major bugs or even crashes.

What is really changing right now :

* All tanks and armored vehicles have now their real armor based on a calculation of averages for every part of the tank : front, sides, rear and now as a exclusivity compared to Storm in the West, top armor. Sadly I can't manage to make the top armor values displayed correctly as there seems to be something controlling it, but not accessible to modding.

* All units have their realistic Speed values, Turret rotation, Firing range, Hull rotation, Stealth factor and Spotting ranges.

* The Penetration values displayed ingame are all at max range.

* All vehicles are now affected by fully modified criticals.

* The Tiger E, Panthers, StuGs III, StuH 42, T-34/85, SdKfz 251/9, SdKfz 250/8 and SdKfz 233 are now able to use smoke, either with shells or with Smoke launchers.

* Veterancy is now focusing on morale and the chain of Command. Command units are from now absolutely needed to maintain your influence on the map. German infantry has better native influence but their infantry command units have a shorter command aura radius than their Soviet/Hungarian counterparts.

* High Command units are now working differently and not giving +2 Veterancy anymore. Instead, they're giving a passive buff to all units that share a unit type with them in a certain AoE, in addition to behaving like a normal leader unit.

* Planes are more deadly than ever but very prone to AA and fighters. Bombs are now particularly lethal. Most fighters are now limited to use only as interceptors and not as ground straffing anymore.

* A lot of units are now able to be used as indirect fire : Grille, SU-152, ISU-152, SU-122, StuH42, StuG III Ausf. E, Le.IG18, s.IG33, OB-25, 52-P, 15/35M and all 50mm mortars.

* Artilleries are now unable to use smart orders. It was removed because it let the arties to fire on unspotted enemy batteries.

* All the on-map arties with range over 10km (unlimited range ingame) have been replaced by Off-map units. The 75mm 97M/FK231(f), 86.7mm FK280(e), 76mm F-22, 76mm Zis-3 (SU-76), 10.5cm LeFH18 and 10.5cm GebH40 have received smoke shells. The number of use for each type of battery can go from 2 to 3.

* Some of the Rocket artillery has received special ammunition :
- Nebelwerfer 41 : Smoke.
- Panzerwerfer 42 : Smoke.
- BM-8-24, BM-13, BM-31 : Incendiary.

* All units using the StG44 as their main weapon have now access to two firing modes : up to 110m as bursts (as an Smg) and from 121m and onwards as single shots (like a semi-auto rifle).

* 122, 150 and 152mm guns are now very slow to fire but extremely powerful against any target.

* A lot of units have seen their loadout modified, like the Command vehicles which have now access to APCR rounds.

* All APCR and HEAT shells are now limited to 1280m.

* All HE shells are now able to fire at 1600m, except SU-152, ISU-152 and IS-2 HE shells.

* AP shells are now limited to 1600m, except ones fired by the Nashorn, Panthers, Tigers, IS-2s, ISU-122s and ISU-152s.

* Spotting ranges are very low and infantry units, as well as field guns can very easily hid from view. Be wary of ambushes and tries of flanking.

* Infantry and bikes recon units now need to stay immobile for at least 5s before having their recon ability trigger completely. Recon vehicles are not changed but their spotting range is way less than Infantry and bikes.

* The sounds of all weapons have been modified to be more authentic and immersive.

* The sounds of all plane engines have been modified. Tanks and ground vehicles will follow shortly.

* The soundtrack have been replaced by 26 authentic musics composed of marshes and folkloric tracks; both for Soviet and German side. I'll add Hungarian marshes as soon as I find something interesting.
The Complete Soundtrack is now avalable to download :

* Phases are now different in length and they're different for each division.

* The Autofill has been adjusted for all reworked divisions.

If you're interested in playing PvP or just finding some pals to play PvE, you're welcome to join us on the mod's discord server :

Support us with paypal :

Good game everyone and if you liked the mod, or didn't like the mod, don't hesitate to tell me what your thoughts are about it. It helps a lot in fact !

See you in the game !
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ow thnx Kloudwolf, i'll wait for the update. thnx for your answer
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