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British Rail Class 76 / EM1 v1.1
Vehicle: Locomotive
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Nov 17 @ 7:31am
Nov 19 @ 10:13am
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British Rail Class 76 / EM1 v1.1

The BR Class 76 were a class of mixed traffic 1500V DC electric locomotives built at Gorton works between 1952 and 1954 for use on the newly electrified Woodhead route between Manchester London Road and Sheffield Victoria. They were withdrawn from service in 1981 with the closure of the line. The only surviving example is No. 26020 at NRM York.


British Rail Class 76 Electric Locomotive 76022 (BR Blue)

British Rail Class 76 Electric Locomotive E26020 (BR Lined Black Pre-TOPS Classification)

- Available in 1954
- Top speed of 65mph
- $500,000 cost
- 1300hp

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This will be my final mod for Transport Fever, it will be coming to Transport Fever 2 along with reworked versions of all my mods including:
- HAA V2
- HYA V2
- UK trackside signs
- Intercity 225 V5

A very special thanks to:

Killakanz, Yung Lenin & Patrons.
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Ghostboy5 Dec 2 @ 9:00am 

The old Battle of Britain class loco had this reverse camera after porting it to TpF and I managed to solve that by adding a "dummy" driver line into the loco mdl.

For this lovely Class 76 though, obviously it already has one, but by changing the transportVehicle SEATS group in the .mdl from Group =3 to Group =4 it makes the camera face forwards...ever so slightly high and sadly at the loss of the visible driver, but it does work. Obviously not ideal for those that love to see the driver in his cab as CW intended.

Regardless, thank you for your hard work CW, I love the content you and your peers produce for the community.
Ghostboy5 Dec 2 @ 8:59am 
Thank you so much, I never expected to see an old Woodhead loco rocking around in TpF, but now I can...absolutely awesome!

As to other posts about the in-cab camera, well I'm no modeller, but I do occasionally tinker with .mdls and this subject appears to be a minefield. From what I've read about on various TpF forums in the past it seems to be a quirkiness with the "group" assignments in relation to the driver details in the loco .mdl. Some consensus suggests it prefers Group 1, but that requires the entire mod to follow suit, which is probably not a simple thing.

ferryfarmhouse Nov 30 @ 11:37pm 
ive played 10 hours with this engine on my map and got to say thank you they look fantastic and a very welcome change seeing something different cheers for your efforts
cw_315  [author] Nov 28 @ 11:37pm 
@mt120784 I have a few models in the works. and thanks, thats why I do it.
mt120784 Nov 28 @ 3:13am 
A great looking mod to end with. Looking forward to seeing your work in the next game too! Thanks for all the effort you put in, having so many high quality British train mods made the game a lot more enjoyable for me
cw_315  [author] Nov 27 @ 12:48pm 
@TheBackYard, NS bought EM2s, which were the bigger Co-Co brothers to the EM1s, a conversion will happen eventually
Chucky Dickens Nov 24 @ 8:19am 
I've wanted these in game for a long time now...
This is immediately going into my next Playthrough.
Thank you..!:steamhappy:
TheBackYard Nov 23 @ 1:01pm 
will you make the NS(dutch railways) version? after these loco's retired they were send overseas to us.
power man Nov 22 @ 12:56am 
oh cool
cw_315  [author] Nov 21 @ 11:38pm 
@power man my next mod will be the class 800