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[Workshop] Creating Localization Assets
By spraycanmansam | Beam Team Games
Getting Started
You can view our master localization csv sheet here:

We would suggest the easiest way to create and maintain a new asset is to duplicate our sheet to your own Google Sheets account and use that to create your own asset:


Once you have your own copy of the localization sheet you can go to work translating the fields...
The localization term used internally by the game. Do not change these values.
The localized text displayed in-game.
Used for duplicate text that will be replaced with the text in the respective substitution term.
Extra context where the term is used.

Important! Be sure not to mess up the placement or count of any {0} {1} [PLATFORM] or similar terms inside texts as these are parsed by the game in set way!

Tip! Google Sheets has some translation plugins that could be used to auto-translate some text...
Exporting and Naming Convention
Once you have completed translating all the terms in your sheet, export the file as a csv.

As it's possible for multiple workshop items to share the same name you will need to set the csv file name to a distinguishable display name, ie: elvish.csv, straya.csv, TheLegend69s_CoolLanguage.csv.

Important! Please do not use the -DEFAULT suffix in your file names, ie: it-DEFAULT, fr-DEFAULT, etc. This is reserved for our official translations.
Once complete, use the Stranded Deep Workshop Tool to upload your new assets.
Important! All localization assets need to be published with the ‘Localization’ tag!

Subscribe to your new localization asset and it should be available to use under General->Language in the game settings.
As we update any terms and texts you will also need to maintain your localization asset. You can view the version history of our csv to see any new changes and update the respective fields in your own asset.
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Kutukcu 7 hours ago 
I finished and uploaded Turkish translation but it looks Turkish characters like Ğ, Ü, Ç, Ş, İ are not supported by game's font. Please fix it.
rsv_rsv Nov 30 @ 11:35am 
It's unuseable for non-latinic languages with current encoding and fonts. Who need translate from english to english?
懒惰夫斯基 Nov 29 @ 5:00am 
Could you add Chinese font for localization?Chinese font cannot be displayed in the game now.
Homeo Nov 27 @ 1:15pm 
The only probleme the workshop tool is a .exe not usable on MAC