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[Workshop] Stranded Deep Workshop Tool
By spraycanmansam | Beam Team Games
Stranded Deep Workshop Tool
Stranded Deep Workshop Tool is a command line executable made for publishing user generated content to the Steam workshop.
Download the Stranded Deep Workshop Tool here:
  • Stranded Deep must be installed on Steam client.
  • Steam client must be running and logged in as your user before starting the workshop tool.
upload_item <path-to-json-file>
Create a new workshop item or update an existing workshop item using data in json file. Note: json file path must be absolute path.
delete_item <published-file-id>
Delete a published workshop item.
Caution: This cannot be undone!
get_items [options]
-t –type <item-type>
Get a list of workshop items.

Specify type of workshop items to request: subscribed, published.
Creating and Updating Workshop Items
To create a new workshop item you need to author a new json file or modify the template provided:

{ "Title": "New Item", "Description": "My new item description", "ChangeNote": "Version 1.0", "PreviewFile": "C:\\Test\\Preview.jpg", "ContentPath": "C:\\Test", "PublishedFileId": 0, "Tags": [ "Localization", "Another tag" ] }
  • File and folder paths must be absolute paths and slashes must be escaped.
  • All text should be plain text with no special characters.
  • Preview images MUST be <1MB.

To create a new item:
PublishedFileId must be unset or 0.
Note: PublishedFileId value will be updated in json file on successful creation of a new workshop item.

To update an existing item:
PublishedFileId must be set to the existing item's id.

Use the workshop tool to run the upload_item command, specifying the absolute path to your json file:

Workshop>upload_item “C:\My Test.json”

Newly created items can take a few minutes to appear in the workshop. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up immediately in the workshop.

Once you’ve verified your upload and are satisfied your workshop item is ready to be published, you will need to manually change the visibility:

Official Tags
In order for your content to be loaded correctly in-game please ensure you upload your items with the correct tag(s):

Callback Errors
If a Steam callback is unsuccessful the console will report the error code. Lookup error codes here to help diagnose the cause:
Using Workshop Items
To use a workshop item in-game just subscribe to the item on the Steam Workshop page. Steam will download any subscribed content before playing the game from the Steam Launcher, or you can manually download the content by verifying the game files in Steam.
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Drachmorda 10 hours ago 
What's that shit? is not it more complicated?
hben95 Dec 7 @ 1:11am 
My Anti Virus is picking this up as a Trojan when I try to run this.
Joes Dec 5 @ 1:01pm 
I am not a game dev. This is absolutely useless. I like the game lately, but the latest stable patch is not available for me, and this workshop option is a complete shot in the dark. Get it to work on steam.
SKIROW Dec 4 @ 10:03am 
Frustrating as fuck!
MaxKyckling Nov 29 @ 3:32am 
I guess I'll have to wait until they publish a video showing how to do it, or maybe implement an efficient and easy way to publish maps like literally every other game has..?
michieru1984 Nov 29 @ 3:28am 
I subscribed, and can find the files in my directory, but no new costume maps in my game, need help
glen_halford2010 Nov 28 @ 5:55pm 
oh my god how the f*** DO YOU UPLOAD ISLANDS
HARRYGOBOOM Nov 28 @ 10:06am 
dude just put the shit on steam, use dayz as an example. you need to make a video explaining this stuff.
KrakenAwakening Nov 27 @ 5:43pm 
i cant figure out how to load the map i downloaded, no clear explanation that i know of
glen_halford2010 Nov 27 @ 12:48pm