Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

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Theme Mixer 2
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Oct 26, 2019 @ 4:44pm
Nov 6, 2019 @ 1:39pm
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Theme Mixer 2

Lets you load, mix and customize Map Themes

It's finally here, at long last.

This is a complete re-make of the original Theme Mixer mod.

  • Change map themes directly in-game.
  • Select map theme "parts" from different map themes (Atmosphere, Structures, Terrain, etc)
  • Select individual elements from different map themes (A specific texture, color, or other value)
  • Customize theme elements manually
  • Save and share "Theme Mix" presets

This mod allows you to select or customize every single thing that's covered by map themes, except disaster settings, which I didn't think were relevant/meaningful to justify the extra work to support them.

One of the main issues of the old Theme Mixer mod was its impact on performance, I made that mod back in my first months of modding and had no idea how to optimize things.

This time around I did my best to do things with performance in mind so it should be much much better. Textures are not kept in memory, they are only loaded when needed and the old ones are always destroyed to free memory.

However, I am still a newbie programmer overall, so if you notice anything that's really bad let me know so I can try to fix it.

This download includes 5 map themes which are essentially the game's built-in themes in a form that allows you to use their elements for mixing. The download is large because of this. This has no impact on performance, it only uses some space in your hard drive.

This mod is incompatible with the old Theme Mixer mod, so pick one. HINT: pick this one.


This mod supports translations, and currently includes English and Simplified Chinese translations.

If you'd like to provide a translation, go to the github repo and find the english.xml file, download it, change the name to yourlanguage.xml and translate all the string, then send it to me through, or make a pull request if you know how to use github.

Please dont re-upload the mod just to add your own language as that defeats the purpose of supporting localization and also it pisses me off.

I put a lot of work into this mod and tried to make it as perfect as possible before release but I am sure there will be problems/bugs so I need your help to find them so I can fix them or improve the mod.

Thank yous

This mod uses BloodyPenguin's translation framework for localization.

It also uses Pardeike's Harmony Lib for patching some methods.
The Unique Harmony ID is "com.tpb.thememixer2".

The icons used for the mod are by Freepik[] from flaticon[] with some modifications.

Source Code[] is available on github.


So where is the UI?
The button to open the UI is located in bottom left corner next to the Milestones button.
You can move it with right-click and drag.
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Jun 17 @ 11:47am
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Jun 17 @ 11:31am
UI button moved out of bound?
Feb 7 @ 2:18am
< >
INTJ 13 minutes ago 
@LemonsterOG Thank you for your offer of assistance, OG. After five hours of toil I found out it's the toggle position and corrected it in the code. Mod works fine -UI access was the problem . I'm thrilled to have it back in my toolbox.
LemonsterOG 3 hours ago 
@INTJ -- If you'd like me to review your subscribed mods, you can find instructions on how to share your mod compatibility report here in the "Sharing Your Mod Compatibility Report" section. Please follow ALL the directions.
INTJ 4 hours ago 
It just stopped working (again). I unsubscribed and resubscribed (again). But this time it just wouldn't initiate. I love this mod and consider it a vital tool. It's a great loss to me that I can't utilize it.
3168959604 Jul 30 @ 10:03pm 
LateralusXs Jul 25 @ 6:39pm 
Oh my God it's 94 Mbs, thats it downvote ;)
LemonsterOG Jul 24 @ 3:50am 
@coolou7 -- Have you tried unsubscribing (count to 5) and resubscribing the mod?
coolou7 Jul 23 @ 2:00pm 
Am I the only one who had this mysteriously stop working today? I'm subscribed to it, it is activated in my content manager, but once my city is loaded, the icon is gone and it isn't listed in my mod menu.
LemonsterOG Jul 20 @ 5:53am 
@OdnulaSrevliS -- I wouldn't advise removing the vanilla themes. They are part of the base game and may be necessary to open other maps or start a new game. They aren't hurting anything by being in the list.
OdnulaSrevliS Jul 20 @ 2:09am 
It was super helpful in creating just the perfect theme for my map. However, now once I've got my theme savad, may I unsubscribe from the unused CO themes included in this pack?
LemonsterOG Jul 14 @ 11:41am 
@neonx -- It will usually remember your last settings when you restart the game. The saving feature is if you're setting up different mixes. I have a custom mix for each environment. When I load a game that's different from the last one, I need to load the mix I made for that map.