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Transport Fever

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Southern-east France, Rhône Valley | France Sud-Est, Vallée du Rhône | 1:20 scale
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Oct 26 @ 3:31pm
Oct 27 @ 10:37am
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Southern-east France, Rhône Valley | France Sud-Est, Vallée du Rhône | 1:20 scale

Experimental map

Experimental map size must be activated

This map is an experimental work, in anticipation to TpF 2.
The size is actually just near the game's limits : 36Mpixels

Down the Rhône...

Actually 50 real cities and around 30 industries with realistic locations.
Following the Rhône's river valley, from Lyon to the Méditerranée.
Wide enough to include Grenoble, Gap, Toulon, St Etienne and Montpellier...

This map is at a 1:20 scale.

Few elements has been oversized to make them usable. Some valley are flattened and the Rhône is wider to allow river trafic.

Return and comments are strongly welcome in order to improve this map.
I'm currently working on a workflow that allow me to produce quality theme map like this one.

Map expérimentale

Experimental map size doit être activé

Cette map est un projet expérimental, en anticipation des possibilités offertes par TpF2.
Cette carte est aux limites des capacités du jeu : 36Mpixels.

En descendant le Rhône...

Inclut actuellement 50 villes réelles, associées à une 30aine d'industries disposées de manière réalistique.
Suivez la descente du Rhône de Lyon à la Méditerranée.
La map offre une largeur Est-Ouest permettant d'inclure Grenoble, Gap, Toulon, St Etienne, Montpellier...
Cette map est à l'echelle 1:20

Certains éléments sont volontairement disproportionnés, tels que certaines vallées ainsi que le Rhône, élargit afin de permettre le trafic fluvial.

Les retours et commentaires sont les bienvenus et permettront l'amélioration du projet.
Je travail actuellement à une méthode permettant de produire rapidement des maps thématiques de qualité comme celle-ci.
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miniflynny1 Oct 27 @ 9:42pm 
If you want to use this map I think you have to go to (C:) drive, then go to program files x86, scroll down to steam and click on the steam folder, then go to user data, then click on transport fever number which should be like 895677729, after that click on the folder 446800, go into local, and then click on settings at the bottom and open that with notepad, then scroll down to where it says: experimentalMapSizes and it should have a dash saying false. You want to get rid of that and put true. Make sure you have your game closed when doing this. Doing this means you can use pixels over 16M. Also when you log back on into transport fever you will have lots more formatting options, hope this helped.
Maverikk16 Oct 27 @ 7:50pm 
doesnt open for me, its says "heightmap too large. Number of pixels must not exceed 16M."
Alkolique  [author] Oct 27 @ 10:41am 
I've changed the directory arrangement. Hope it works well for everyone now
Charles V Oct 27 @ 10:08am 
Wasn't working for me last night but is now. Hmm, weird.
Alkolique  [author] Oct 27 @ 5:09am 
Map is named "France Sud-est 1:20" in the map list. Tried on differents computers, everything work fine.
ZaveeXIXterteen Oct 27 @ 4:36am 
Could you please elaborate, I've added the mod in the mod list but it still isnt apprearing in the map list. I do have experimental map sizes enabled...
Alkolique  [author] Oct 27 @ 2:47am 
Must be activated in the modlist for it to appear in the map list !
Also, don't forget to activate the 'experimental map size' param !
SisforShinderu Oct 26 @ 5:03pm 
Not in the map list?
rohannock Oct 26 @ 4:54pm 
Your map doesnt work man !