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Transport Fever

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WCML Preston to Rugby
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WCML Preston to Rugby

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Transport Fever UK West Coast challenge
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Map covering the area following the WCML from Preston to Rugby

NOTE. There are visible terrain lines (ridges) on the surface of the whole map, as I was not able to sufficiently smooth the original topographical image used to create the map. The map was created for the purpose of being used on my UK West Coast series on Youtube and was requested by a number of viewers.

Appears as "height-map-uk crop"

Map is an experimental map size. You may need to enable this to load the map. Here's a tutorial:

UK West Coast series on Youtube:
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TrainsOf2019 Oct 31 @ 1:27am 
Im from the midlands so i know quite alot of towns there,i have been trying to combind routes,like Stourbridge to Stoke (London to Crewe and Stourbridge to Birmingham) And Lichfield to Stafford (Cross city line and 1980s Walsall to Stafford,it wasnt wolverhampton when my dad was young
mongolteiko Oct 30 @ 5:08am 
Thanks for your reply. I like the map, but the sand-like ripples all over the map [like a contour map] is a bit of an eye-saw and will take a lot of work to iron out.
I drive trains in the area [northern part] so I have a lot of interest in it. Thanks.
Construction_Gamer  [author] Oct 30 @ 3:46am 
The map was originally only created for the purpose of being used on my UK West Coast series on Youtube and was requested by a number of viewers. I had set myself the original challenge of connecting 30 towns, hence why I settled on the final figure, plus the scale is completely out so it did make it challenging fitting in some of the small towns. I will however take comments on board for the map which I'm planning to create once TF2 is released.
TrainsOf2019 Oct 30 @ 2:30am 
I agree Mong and with the not so flat terrain,i cant put in BIA And i have the roads for it,also when was staffordshire very hilly? I come from that part of the country,and the only hills i see normally stafford castle,here are some towns to put in (Burton Upon Trent,Tamworth,Stockport,Penkridge,Kirby,Prestatyn,Flint,Kidsgrove,Marston Green,Birmingham International airport,like a little Street or so to put the airport by,Royal Leamington Spa,Stourbridge and Stone)
mongolteiko Oct 29 @ 5:51am 
The other thing is that there are too many ridges [covers the whole map], so this would mean having to smooth the whole map with the terrain tool. A few more town wouldn't go amiss like Stockport, Blackburn, Stalybridge etc.
mongolteiko Oct 29 @ 4:08am 
Hi. Nice map. Just a couple of things [spelling really], you missed the e of the end of Rochdale and you spelt Uttoxeter wrong. Thanks.
TrainsOf2019 Oct 28 @ 12:37am 
Ok,when I loaded it up,it didnt come up,but now it does,thanks
Construction_Gamer  [author] Oct 27 @ 2:02pm 
@TrainsOf2019 Appears as "height-map-uk crop". Map is an experimental Map sizes, you may need to enable this to load the map. Here's a tutorial
theoffy Oct 27 @ 12:31pm 
It shows as height-map-uk crop when you have enabled it in the advanced menu
TrainsOf2019 Oct 27 @ 10:50am 
when i try to start a game with this map,it isnt there,what is the name for it?