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Acid Rainbows
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Oct 20, 2019 @ 2:29am
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Acid Rainbows

A drop in the rain. An enigmatic human emissary joins the fight!

Character Design by KaggysMilk!
Special Thanks to a cat (C-L in the RoA discord servers)

2021/Jan/12 - v3.6: urgent pre-tourney patch or someth i guess. you can now destroy cloud!
2021/Jan/02 - v3.5: nerfs before tourney, new alts, better sounds, and phone!
2020/Jul/22 - v3.4: official rune support, bugfixes, etc
2020/Jun/26 - v3.3: some lil tweaks
2020/Jun/23 - v3.2: big balance update by sir Sparx21, and a proof-of-concept custom css color select ui
2020/Mar/16 - v3.1: fries. down + taunt. she can now eat fast food together with hime
2020/Jan/28 - v3.0: post-and-pre-tourney patch. nerfs :thinking:

please note that i do write changelogs, so check that out if you wanna know more bout what's changed

- Complete Moveset
- Complete Animation
- Moderately easy to use, straight-forward moves
- Semi-stage control element (Nspecial acid-raincloud)
- Few more functionality for the said acid-raincloud
- Kirby Ability support
- Abyss Runes Buddy support
- Few other interaction supports
- Few special color costumes that changes some visual stuff
- Potato Fries

Also available is a home-stage for Acid Rainbows, Starry Hilltop!

Some quirks/guides:
- FSpecial is a full super-armor, but always travels a set distance in same speed.
- Dash-attack startup has a shield cancel, so you don't have to commit to dash-attack if you throw it out accidentally, or you could use it to bait out something.
- Lightning always travels full distance in 8 frames, no matter how far. All thanks to sprite scaling! It, however, has a range limit.
- All aerials can interact with the acid-raincloud. When an aerial hits, it will "charge" the raincloud with electricity(?).
- Forward Tilt and Up Strong can also hit the raincloud as well, but it won't charge the cloud, only influencing its location.
- Raincloud's charge will be full with two hits.
- Once full, hit the raincloud with an aerial again (excluding Neutral Air) to launch the raincloud in the general direction the aerial would launch opponents, while the raincloud starts summoning a lightning by itself! Catch the opponent off-guard!
- Up Strong can 'detonate' the cloud as well.
- When using Down Special, depending on the level of the charge, cloud can cast up the lightning quicker.

- cloud seem to drift a bit after being interacted. cause of issue unknown and idk how i'd fix it

previous changes headlines:

2020/Jan/03 - v2.9: forgot to fix something :(
2020/Jan/03 - v2.8: bugfix and omega alt thing. may y'all have a good new year!
2019/Dec/26 - v2.7: Abyss Runes support! also some bugfixes
2019/Dec/14 - v2.6: USpecial is not weird anymore!
2019/Dec/13 - v2.5: addition and changes?
2019/Dec/04 - v2.4: moderate amount of balance changes
2019/Dec/03 - v2.3: Post-tourney fixes and changes
2019/Nov/19 - v2.2: Bugfixes & AI additions (it will now cast raincloud)
2019/Nov/14 - v2.1: Slight balance change. Good luck to all the participants of the tournament!
2019/Nov/13 - v2.0: Balance changes. guess it wasn't really a final version after all
2019/Nov/08 - v1.8: Final Version?!?!
2019/Nov/04 - v1.7.8: More balance changes
2019/Nov/01 - v1.7.5: Clairen Plasma Field interaction changes, and acid rain is not parriable anymore
2019/Oct/31 - v1.7: Acid-Raincloud Changes, now it can somewhat be influenced by other moves
2019/Oct/30 - v1.6: Kirby Ability & Massive File Compression!
(sprite folder went from 42MB to 86KB)
2019/Oct/29 - v1.5: slight changes
2019/Oct/27 - v1.4: Redone moves & fixes!

Since you've took your time to read all this (thank you), here's a little webpage i've been doing to write up on things i've picked up on while making characters (if i'm allowed to link urls)

Thank you for checking out this character!
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The BALLS to name a character Acid Rainbows. I dig it.
Deh Re₸ard Jan 14 @ 5:45pm 
the design remind me of shouta from dragon maid
Karusino Jan 3 @ 1:41pm 
It feels like neutral b should have a slight stun effect on it, but not that much, cause of the whole acid cloud thing
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check the first ever steam comment on acid rainbows, not the first person to think that ehehe
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I basically only use Passion and Repentance alts
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Am I the only person who thought this could be from undertale?
Karusino Jan 2 @ 3:11pm 
themihutfamily Dec 22, 2020 @ 2:02pm 
Champion worthy, this is you. The hard work is paying off, the timing is righter than ever. Welcome to the elite, you are here to stay. Welcome to the RCS Championship roster.
I'm Phoenix Nov 3, 2020 @ 4:17pm 
I main this Character now, really cool and fun.
DaDerp Oct 23, 2020 @ 1:09am 
Using the runes that lowers friction and the gives the cool new dash on this character is some of the most fun I've ever had playing this game